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How Coronavirus has Impacted the Fashion Calendar

While the world is slowly trying to regain some normality, the challenges that have come with the coronavirus outbreak are still prevalent for businesses. Many industries are now looking towards the future, and identifying new ways of doing business in a post-COVID world. The fashion industry in particular is having to face some very difficult […]

Rolex Will Launch 2020 New Watches in September

corporate fashion

Colour palette for corporate people

Diamond Gold Engagement Rings Florida

The Importance of an Engagement Ring!

Hindustan Unilever Limited

‘Fair’ To Be Axed From Hindustan Unilever Limited’s Fair and Lovely

Hair Smoothening Treatment, Cost, Benefits & Side Effect


Easy Replacement of Parts and Accessories for Your iPhone

What may seem like a seemingly simple device at the surface level can get quite complicated quickly when things start to go wrong. This is definitely the case with personal electronic devices, and especially products made from large brands on the market. At first glance, these stylish new mobile phones and tablets are so minimally […]

What Is Pexip and How Does It Compare to Other Video Communication Platforms?

Energy Saving Tips: 5 Tips For a More Efficient Refrigerator in 2020

Biofloc Fish Farming: Earning Opportunity For Odisha Youths During COVID-19 Pandemic

choreographer turns into tea seler
National News

From Bollywood To Roadside Tea Stall: Pandemic Crisis Of An Odia Choreographer

Lives of innumerable people have gone topsy-turvy ever since the entire country went under lockdown in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak in March. Many lost their breadwinning jobs, while others were forced to take up new means for survival. Once aiming to make a name for Odias in Bollywood, Sauling Padhiali of P Nuagaon […]

Tiktok band in india

TikTok, UC Browser, Shareit Among 59 Chinese Apps Ban In India

Rath Yatra 2020 Cancelled In Odisha

Rath Yatra 2020 Cancelled In Odisha, Supreme Court Stalls Festival In Wake Of Covid-19 Pandemic

Raja Festival begins

Raja Celebrations: Odisha Govt Relaxes Night-Curfew Till 10 PM On June 12

Business Online Shopping

The Best True Wireless Earphones Under 3000

Say goodbye to your wired earphones, it time to rid on the traditional earphones. To make your life more exciting and comfortable in travel, gym, market, meetings and conferencing get a good pair of wireless earphones. It will give you a multi-purpose functionality to listen to music, and attend calls efficiently. Today we will be […]

5+ Absolute Perfect and Unique Thanksgiving Gifts for Host

French terry cotton

Why French Terry is comfortable to wear?


7 Life getting updated Solo Health Outings


Matthew Davies Stockton Helps You Decide the Best Destination for Your Honeymoon

Introduction You have arranged transportation, chosen the perfect dress, and have already booked a stunning venue. Now it’s time to focus on the honeymoon, the best slice of your wedding planning process. According to Matthew Davies Stockton, the honeymoon is just for you and your partner and hence it should be perfect. It always starts […]

desert safari dubai

Top Desert Safaris in Dubai

5 Best Day Trips from Munich City

How To Choose The Right Limousine To Hire

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