Boarding School in India

10 Most Commonly Asked Questions in Boarding School Interview Answered

Choosing a boarding school is surely tough, considering that it matches all your expectations. A decision to join the boarding school is based on many factors like location,  fees, activities and quality of education among others.

If you have finally got yourself to be a part of the best boarding school in Delhi/NCR or any international school in Delhi, then you will surely be called for an interview when the admission procedures begin in school. Here are few sets of questions that are mostly asked and how to be prepared for it to become their favourite applicant.

So before you brainstorm, have a go through the question collected from previous students of boarding schools 

Q- Why are you choosing a boarding school education?

Any boarding school gets curious about why you are keen on joining, what expectations you hold regarding the outcome once you have finished the school. You should be prepared with a record of goals that will reflect how much enthusiasm and focus you have.

Q- What is the one core skill that you will acquire in our school?

You don’t have to hold a standard answer to this question. Everyone is aware how academics can be influential in anyone’s life, so think little out of the box. How can the school help you on a personal level and for your future successes.

Q- What is your present school like? What do you admire about it and what will you transform about it?

When you showcase your opinion well, it reflects your dedication and observation that you have towards the education system. Just answer honestly.

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Q- Describe your strengths and weaknesses.

This is one sure-shot question which is asked no matter where you go for an interview, be it in the potential job opportunity or personal life.  People are always curious about how self-aware you are about yourself.

Q- Are you part of any extracurricular activities?

Your involvement in extracurricular activities showcase how active you are, be it a hobby, art or athletics. These activities can speak a lot about you. It also gives an idea about how you spend your time apart from academics.

Q- Tell us about your previous achievements.

This can be related to anything, not just academics, it’s all about any passion that you may follow, any volunteer work, arrangement of a function or self-written poetry, anything that makes you proud.

Q- Tell us about the time you displayed leadership quality.

Boarding school focuses on creating leaders, not just in academics but overall, whether you are in the field, classroom or in a situation that requires showcasing your potential.

This kind of quality is highly appreciated in a boarding school.

Q- What do you think you will study further after finishing school?

Though nobody knows for sure what they want to do later in their life, and that’s nothing to worry about. 

In a boarding school, they are looking for students who are at least focused and have considered how they want to shape their future. They don’t need all the information; they just need to know how much you have weighed your options.

Q- Share a few things about your family and private life.

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Family and your individual life reflect your values and upbringing. This information is also considered to be necessary to show how much you appreciate your community and the kind of social behaviour you hold in a society.

Boarding schools work towards developing a child’s overall personality and having a stable social and psychological behaviour is considered to be equally important just like academics.

Q- Do you have any query you have for the school?

Before sitting for the interview, it is always better to have a few questions for them as well! It shows that you have done your research about the school and hold your individual opinion about their education system. This will show them that you are determined and enthusiastic to be part of their school.

Few things to remember:

As you prepare yourself to sit for a discussion, remember there is no correct or incorrect answer. Every answer is based on your personal experiences and way of thinking. Instead of answering favourably, focus more on reflecting your personality which can easily make you the preferred contender for the school.

Though every school prefers to ask their own set of questions, these are a few of the questions that are commonly asked. Before choosing a school, ensure that it matches your child’s potential.