10 Reasons Why You Need To Visit Croatia Right Now

Croatia is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe. Its charm is not only found in its location, but also culture, architecture, and history. If you are a sun-worshiper or a keen island-hopper and you are wondering why you should visit this country right now, here are 10 reasons.

1. Vibrant Nightlife

From the throngs of crowds in Zadar to Zagreb, this country has some of the best nightlife hotspots. You are guaranteed of enjoying full entertainment from dusk to dawn.

2. Astounding Turquoise Water

The Croatian Coast is marked with turquoise blue waters. The islets and all the islands feature crystal clear waters which will simply take your breath away.

3. Attractive Climate

This country is found along the Mediterranean coast hence it has a beautiful Mediterranean climate. It’s one of the sunniest regions in the world and its summers are hot and dry. Besides that, its winters are mild which makes its climate favorable.

4. Easy Connectivity

Moving within Croatia is very easy thanks to seamless transport connectivity. There are internal flights connecting different Croatian islands. Besides that, the local ferries make island-hopping so much fun. If you are interested in exploring the local streets, land transport is still available. For instance, Split taxi transfers offer visitors the much-needed convenience and privacy.

5. Wide Food Variety

The Croatian delicacy features a combination of fresh seafood, exotic cuisines, and local flavors. Tourists can enjoy the remarkable oysters, octopus, and local stews. The exotic Italian flavor also brings in a new twist to the menu.

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6. Wine and More Wine

Wash down your meals with classic wine every time you eat. Croatia has a deep winemaking history that goes back to many centuries ago. This country has an outstanding wine selection and visitors can sample the variety during cellar tours. Note that wine tourism is also getting increasingly popular. The country has picturesque vineyards as well as beautiful wine routes that provide a thrilling wine tour experience.

7. Inviting Towns

This country is home to charming coastal towns and historic villages. From the glimmering Motovun at the hilltops to the old town of Zadar, these towns will simply leave in awe. It’s a bountiful small country that’s dotted with seaside towns and hilltop villages. Note that Croatia’s real estate market in these towns is thriving and also accommodating to expats and tourists. So, if you are interested in coming here frequently, you can look for a house for sale.

8. Plenty of Scenic Beaches

Not only are they many, but the Croatian coastline is famed for its beautiful scenic beaches. The breathtaking beaches are pebbled and covered with fine sand. From Split to Dubrovnik to Brac, all the major cities have knock-out beaches which are tourist magnets.

9. Numerous National Parks

Although Croatia is small, it has a total of eight national parks. As a result, visitors have multiple alternatives to choose from. For instance, you cannot afford to miss the Plitvice Lakes National Park. This is a UNESCO-listed site that features stunning lakes as well as waterfalls.

10. Dubrovnik

Nicknamed as the Pearl of Adriatic, Dubrovnik is a scenic and attractive old town that’s simply enchanting. Despite its large crowds, this city offers a personalized experience to every visitor. The architecture, marble streets, nearby islands, and monuments in this ancient town will easily captivate your mind.

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