10 Tips to Design Exhibition Stand for Small Businesses

An exhibition stand is an opportunity for you to promote your product or service. It is imperative that you get your message across, attract the right audience and boost your brand during the event.

When it comes to design exhibition stand, there are some very important factors to take into consideration to ensure that your stand provides you with successful experience, helping you grow your customer base and boost your brand at the same time.

So where do you start?

The outlook of the stand

The first thing to consider is the feel and the look of the exhibition stand ideas UK. It should be welcoming and make people want to see what products or services you provide.

It should be enticing, but at the same time remain professional, ensuring your professional image is portrayed at all times.

Proper design

Remember that even the smallest exhibition stand can make a great impact if it is designed properly.

When you are allocated your space, you may find you get a smaller space than you were anticipating, this is not the end of the world, if you find a reputable stand design specialist who can help you turn that small space into a creative design exhibition stand that is guaranteed to provide you with success throughout the event and beyond.

Selecting the location of the stand

Before the show ensure that you set up your exhibition stand, ensuring that the design works for what you need it for.

Identify where you want to place everything and see how many people you are going to need to man the stand at any given time.

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Ensure that you do this, this is an opportunity for you to identify any small problems and rectify them before the day.

Don’t leave everything to the last minute, this is only going to cause problems for you once you get to the exhibition, get your stand up and then have to run around and try and arrange the required changes.

Be creative with your design

You want your exhibition stand to be different and unique; you need for it to stand out from all the other exhibition stands at the show.

If you are unsure at any stage, it is advisable to hire a professional small stand design specialist who can provide you with a full service.

They can assist with the initial concept through to the installation. Some companies will also come and break down the stand and store it for you until the next event, which can reduce stress and leave the worry of setting up and taking down away from you so you can concentrate on your business.

Set yourself a budget

It is a good idea when you plan any exhibition stand to set a budget. It is so easy to get carried away and overspend on an item that you are going to use a few times a year.

This is why you want to hire a professional exhibition stand design specialist who will work within your budget and still provide you with a creative booth that you can use and be proud of, ensuring you stand out from the other exhibitors and attract potential customers throughout the event.

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Know your target audience

Always pay close attention to your target audience. If you have a younger audience that you want to attract, ensure your exhibition stand design portrays this.

The technical audience ensures your stand appeals to them, draws them to your stand and get their foot in your door at all times.

Choose the right company

Look for an exhibition stand company that specializes in trade show exhibits, exhibition booths, and trade show displays.

Although many new companies have innovative ideas for managing your booth design, an experienced company provides an element of reliability, having worked for numerous companies and even more events.

Since they know what clients expect from them, they work towards achieving the high expectations set by them, by offering the best possible services.

Create a concept

Stand designing starts with concept creation, because perception is everything at an exhibition, and people should be attracted to your stall.

You will benefit from the diverse range of display products available with a professional trade show display designer. These products are not just randomly selected ones, but those that have proven their worth in the past.

Proper strategy

Exhibitions are professionally conducted events with literally hundreds of companies participating in each event year after year.

These events cannot be treated as a walk in the park, and if you do, that is basically what you’ll end up with.

In the absence of a well-designed strategy, your business can end up losing all your investment in the event with nothing to show for it.

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To get your desired results, you need to use creative ideas for exhibition stands that are certain to generate traffic to your trade show booth. You will also need suitable expertise to set up your creative displays.


Some of the effective displays include swooper flags, tabletop displays and pop up displays.

You can ask your display provider to set up the complete exhibition stand for you and provide accessories that can enhance the value of your exhibit. Effective trade show add-ons can include racks, table covers, LCD televisions, etc.

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