10 Tips to Hire Professional Movers & Packers for Hassle-Free Shifting

Moving to a new place is a tedious task. Whether it is about relocating to a local region or different state, you need to plan it to avoid last-minute hassles. Numerous shifting concerns will pile up in your mind as relocating your house or office is not similar to carrying your luggage. Here comes the necessity to hire professional movers & packers to ensure the safety of your personal belongings as it is riskier to shift things on your own.

Right from electronic appliances to expensive furniture, decorative showpieces, office equipment, glassware & kitchenware, vehicles, & more, only expert hands are reliable to move all sorts of things with the utmost care & professionalism. If you’re planning to relocate soon then it is suggested to let the right packers and movers in Delhi/NCR do this laborious task.

So, here are 10 tips for you to hire professional movers & packers to shift smoothly, conveniently, & speedily:

1.     Shortlist Trusted Moving Companies

It’s okay to do some research work if you don’t want to regret later on after having a bad shifting experience. Since there are thousands of moving companies claiming that they are the best, you need to pen down the names of the most reliable ones to choose the right packers & movers in NCR.

Be quick, search on Google & prepare a list of top shifting service provider around you. You can also ask from your friends or relative who’ve prior experience with any of the moving companies. This will surely help you out in the beginning!

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2.     Credibility Matters

Market presence might be a positive factor to analyze a company’s credibility but it can’t be your only criteria to choose the best movers and packers in Delhi NCR.

Apart from keeping a check on the credibility of a moving company, it is equally prerequisite to ensure that it holds a license or the required certification to meet the quality standards. It is better to stay on a safer side as authenticity is a serious matter of concern nowadays.

3.     Go through Reviews

On your way to hire professional movers and packers, don’t forget to explore their websites, specifically the testimonial section. If a service provider is reliable then you will get positive feedback from their previous customers or otherwise, the decision is yours!

4.     Outline your Budget

The shifting rates are subjected to vary with distance, size of goods to be moved, & other facilities availed for both short and the long-distance move.

Always consider your budget before availing home shifting services in Delhi NCRand compare rates before taking a final decision.

5.     Scan Top-ranked Companies

Once you’re done with your research work, you can easily select two or three companies from your list and approach them to discuss your shifting needs.

Pick the best packers and movers in NCR from your list and get in touch with them to share your requirements.

6.     Share the list of Movables

For getting precise quotations, you must let your packer & mover in Delhi NCR know the size and type of luggage to be moved. In this way, your shifting service provider will get an idea about the estimated costing & arrangements to be made for your project.

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The required number of movers & packers, size & capacity of loading-trucks, packaging materials, fuel, etc. must be predefined to avoid any type of squabble during the shifting process. 

Take quotes from 2-3 companies & go with the one that suits you well. 

7.     Say No to Full Payments in Advance

Keep in mind that none of the reputed & affordable movers and packers in Delhi NCR demand payments before moving. Furthermore, it makes no sense to pay the entire sum to any service provider.

Beware of getting cheated by any agency for Home shifting services in Delhi NCR as you never know when your belongings will reach at your place after shifting. Always pay in cash & ask for receipt once shifting is done.

8.     Read Terms & Conditions Before Signing a Contract

Check all the documents provided by any moving company and ask if you need further clarification on any of the requirements. In case you’ve received incomplete documents then you must say no to signing that contract as you may not claim for facilities if you’re not eligible as per the contract. Read if the contract mentions these facilities or not:

  • Policies of loss & damages i.e insurance cover
  • Timely delivery of movables
  • No hidden costs
  • Quality & satisfaction
  • Reimbursement in case of damage & more

9.     Explore Staff & Vehicle’s Space

One of the prime concerns with home shifting services in Delhi NCR is the bad handling of movables due to inadequacy of the loading vehicle and negligence of crew.

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It is a duty of your movers & packers service provider to prepare movables with proper packaging, load, unload, & unpack them smoothly at your place. Many delicate items & home appliances like refrigerator, air-condition, television, etc. demand extra care & secure packaging to ensure that they remain safe during a move.

10. Be Alert

Even though you’ve hired the best movers & packers in Delhi NCR, you can ask their experts to make any changes or corrections as per your needs. Your attention is required as you need to keep an eye on the professionals assigned to do the shifting job for you.    

Your attentiveness will not only alert movers but also assure the safety of your personal belongings.

Here comes to the end of our list for 10 tips for a convenient move. Shifting is no more a painstaking task as now you can easily hire professional movers & packers to this job for you. Since most of the trusted shifting service providers are now available online to facilitate the customers, you can easily approach them without wasting a second.

Jyoti Dadhich is the creator of the above blog post who works as a senior content writer at Shift Freight. She is highly adept at writing informative content to share her knowledge on the trending topics.