MOT Newark

All You Need To Know About MOT Failure

As per the rules and regulations laid down by the law, all car owners must pass an annual MOT check. Passing this test, designed by the ministry of transport, ensures optimum levels of safety and performance in your vehicle. In case your car is above the age of three years, you must take it for […]

Theory Z

Ouchi’s Theory Z of Motivation

William Ouchi developed Theory Z after making a comparative study at Japanese and American management practices. Theory Z is an integrated model of motivation, and it suggests that large complex organizations are human systems and their effectiveness depends on the quality of humanism used.


10 major reproductive diseases in women

Reproductive health and reproductive diseases are a problem for many women worldwide. Here are 10 major reproductive diseases that can significantly affect a woman’s ability to conceive and maintain a healthy pregnancy full term.  Female sexual dysfunction A sexual problem or sexual dysfunction is any problem that occurs during any phase of the sexual response […]

Blog Business Technology

How to Fix the Stack Overflow Line 20 Error?

Several users have reported forums about Stack overflow line 20 error that occurs in their internet browser. This issue usually arises when people try to log in to unsafe websites. In case your system also possesses the same error, then it is highly suggested to check out the given instructions. With such methods, you can […]

Business Finance Technology

QuickBooks Error 61

QuickBooks is a high-quality accounting software for small and large groups to successfully keep their organization facts. However, now and again users might also face a few errors. is considered one of them. QuickBooks Error 61 appears when you try and print, update, release, deploy, download, delete, uninstall, and if any corruptions and malfunctioning of […]


How to cope with financial crisis after sudden job loss?

Redundancy, incompetency, disciplinary actions by the employer, anything can make you confront sudden job loss. The consequences are obviously pathetic, especially on the financial front. When you get back to home, the depressing thought of countless expenses and obligations hovers over your head. Next job may not be available suddenly. But, the money matters are […]