Tips for Running an Optometry Practice (Business Advice for Optometrists) (2021)

Running an optometry practice is something that requires a lot of careful thought. Patients come to you with concern and anxiety about their eyes – from minor issues to potentially major ones like cataracts. Therefore, patients understandably want to experience a professional, relaxing appointment with you. Through providing an excellent client experience, you will grow […]


Are Email Lists Worth Buying in 2021?

Email used to be the primary, inexpensive promotional method in digital marketing. Companies and many courses touted how “the money is in the list” to sell their courses. And then, a few years later, other marketing options came to the fore and email fell out of favour. Business owners should ask themselves whether the time […]


The Pros and Cons of Clear Aligners

Clear aligners have been around for a while now and more people are aware of their existence. They might seem like a dream come true for many people who have alignment issues but don’t want to deal with traditional braces. In many cases, clear aligners can work perfectly and give you the results you’re after. […]


All About the Home Loan Procedure in India for First-Time Borrowers

Housing finance is undoubtedly one of the most popular borrowing options for potential homebuyers. This is primarily due to the extended repayment tenor they offer, and their popularity is fuelled by the current decrease in interest rates and property prices. However, financial institutions reject several loan applications too.  This is because a majority of new […]