Facilities You Need in a Shared Student Accommodation

Finding the right shared student accommodation for all your facilities can be a headache. Finding everything you need, being in an area close to public transport, next to shops and cafes, and having the proper accommodation facilities can be the difference between a good living experience and a bad one that may put you off […]


6 Factors to Consider While Applying for A Shop Loan

Traders have always been an integral part of the economy. Shopkeepers are also one amongst them. We all are dependent on them for our daily needs. Like any other business enterprise, shop owners are always in need of funds. Many money lenders have introduced specific shop loans to benefit individuals who want to own a […]


Check how to get a Loan for a Pre-owned Car

According to a report, the car ownership market in India stands at 3%, creating a lucrative prospect for the auto industry. The same report stated that Indians are investing in personal cars due to environmental and economic consciousness. However, purchasing a new car may compel an individual to invest substantial fund and spend tons on […]


How You Can Help Save The Bees

Bees across the world are in trouble. Their numbers are in decline due to factors like excessive use of chemical pesticides, which are harmful to them, and the destruction of the natural habitats where they live and thrive. However, there are a few things that you and others can do to help conserve the bees […]


5 Common Errors To Avoid While Choosing Payment Gateway

At one time or another, every business owner needs to choose a payment gateway for making their transaction process secure and convenient. In this digitized modern world, it is nearly impossible to accept payments from customers specifically in cash. A payment gateway not only makes it convenient to accept payments from anywhere in the world […]


Develop a Buy-Sell Clone App like Letgo & Offerup

The world has completely changed, and it is becoming impossible to see this generation without smartphones.  Everything from purchase to bill payments is happening through smartphones. That turns people to lean on mobile apps for their everyday chores. LetGo and Offerup are the outperforming apps on the preowned marketplace. Even though it is a recent […]


All you Need to know about an Income Tax Calculator

The biggest challenge an individual would face is filing taxes after each financial year. Visiting your CA and going through the entire computation can be a time-consuming task. However, there are simple alternatives to this situation available just around the corner. We are talking about an income tax calculator that can now be found easily. […]


Which Industry Can Benefit From Blockchain?

Blockchain holds a lot of relevance in the IT section majorly because of the exceptional features it holds. Like any other IT tool, it also has its own pros and cons but yet, it is being implemented in various kinds. Further, in this guest blog, we will surely have a piece of detailed information regarding […]


How does CKYC Help in the Process of Fixed Deposit Account?

To maintain the records of investors properly, financial institutions like banks, finance firms, etc. maintain KYC (Know Your Customer) documents of all their customers. The CKYC (Central Know Your Customer) was introduced to avoid inconsistencies and fraudulent activities. To register in the CKYC, one needs to submit the documents online and go through the verification […]



Basics of payment gateway As the World Wide Web spreads it arrive at farther and farther, a solid online payment procedure gets significant for all organizations. Picking the correct payment processor for your business is quite possibly the main choices you make when setting up your online business site. Accepting payments from customers isn’t just […]