25 Activities That Do Reading And Writing Fun

Education is one of the prime most needs of every human individual. School should be started from childhood. To make the education process enjoyable, it should be blended with fun. Since reading and writing are essential steps in education, they should be fun and interesting like unscrambling words by Here are the 25 ways to do Reading and Writing Fun.

1.Paper And Pen

Children should be given a pen and paper set. Let them hold the pen and make freehand sketches on the paper. It might be the first step in writing practice for children.

2.Shapes And Colours

Since most of the children are attracted to colors,they can be taught ways of colored letters, and this will add up fun.

3.Books With Tales 

Children could be told stories and make them read with the person who reads and explains. Listening helps children understand easily and provokes imagination.

4.Rhymes And Actions 

Tell them rhymes and dance with them. It adds up a bit more spicy fun to children. This escalates the pronunciation of many new words.

5.Casual Talks

Share your views on the world, opinion about something, and your experience with them. This could help them to explore the world.

6.Stories And Questions 

Tell them various exciting stories and ask them some basic questions.This could provoke reasoning, listening, and logical skills.

7.Public Places 

Take them to public places with you and make them see things around them, especially read the words on the bus and writings on the boards to them and make them understand too.

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8.Social Media 

Give them access to social media like Tv, Internet, since they have a lot more information potentially. Allow the children to explore it.

9.Word Games 

Play with words rather than toys with children. There are various word games like puzzles, new word formation, and so on.

10. Name Match Games 

Make the children try to match the names of capitals of the state or country with respective states or countries and the names of authors with separate books on color cards in a fun overloaded manner.

11.Room Of Words 

Cover the walls of their room with hanging colored cards. The hanging cards are written with new words and phrases.

12. Appreciation Plays A Major

Make the children read the books to you and listen to them carefully and pay attention. The critical matter is to appreciate and give compliments to them. This is the best way to encourage them.

13. Make Them Artists 

Make them read a story and give them paper and pen. Have them illustrate their beautiful images into art with colors.This could enhance their artistic skills.

14. Reading Good Books

Encourage children to read good books like fairy tales, true stories, moral stories, etc. This would provoke good thoughts in children, and this leads to good deeds.

15. Writing Letters

Teach them to write letters, greeting cards, and salutations. Then allow them to write greetings in a colorful manner using crayons, sketches, color cards, etc. and have them greet their favorite person.

16.Map Reading

Go to an amusement park with your children and have them view the map and allow them to search and find the places, and hence this encourages the map reading and route picturization ability.

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17.Magazines And Newspapers

Have the children read newspapers and magazines as a daily routine. This would enhance the reading techniques like skimming, scanning, and in-depth reading as well as to ensure that they are aware of current affairs.

18.Family Stories 

Talk with your children and share your family history and stories with them. This will build a strong family bond with your children. They will start to feel attached and safe.

19. Tell Them To Write On Their Own

When your children have gone for a picnic or tour or somewhere entertaining, tell them to write a summary of their fun parts. This would enhance writing skills and increase memory capacity.

20.Compliments For Their Writings

The critical work to you is to give compliments to your children’s book works for every improvement stage. The compliments may be greetings, appreciation, or gifts.


Have your children cook on their own and have them give a try to new dishes. Hence they may go for help to a cookbook and allow them to read instructions and will enable them to do as instructed. This could enhance their reading and understanding skills as well as provoke cooking skills.


Encourage them to do poetry on their own and watch the words that they use for making poetic lines and make sure that you give them compliments for their try even though they make mistakes.

23. Writing Tools

To add a bit more fun in writing, provide your children with writing tools like sketches, colored pencils, doodles, color sheets, charts, etc.

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24. Encourage Them To Participate

Encourage your children to eagerly participate in the school competitions that require reading like group discussions, debate, minutes talk, extempore speech, etc.

25. Writing Competitions

Encourage your children to participate in the school eagerly and college competitions that involve writing like essay writing, poster preparations, making advertisements, chart works, etc.

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