3 Must Visit Cities In Croatia

Croatia is a country that’s marked with beautiful touristic cities. It has significantly grown to become one of the top destinations in Europe. The unique blend of culture, history, art, food, and pristine beaches simply gives it a magnetic appeal. Although there are many places you can visit in this country, here are the 3 must-visit cities in Croatia.

1. Dubrovnik

If you are looking for a specific reason to visit Dubrovnik, then you are going to find a myriad of reasons. From modern museums to festivals to beaches, this Croatian city is always throbbing with life. The enticing and picturesque destination has a unique setting. As a result, it has quickly risen to be one of the top filming destinations with the last episodes of Game of Thrones being shot here.

Dubrovnik has a fascinating history that’s featured in its museums, monuments, and culture. Although it’s small, this is a must-visit Croatian city that’s full of charm. You can have a memorable time from Cablecar which offers tourists jaw-dropping views of the sea and the Old Town. The museum of modern and contemporary art is also worth visiting or you can take a boat ride to the beautiful island of Korcula.

Visiting this city once is not enough. There is so much to see and do that cannot fit a lifetime. But you can still make Dubrovnik your top summer destination. Note that Croatia has an attractive real estate market that perfectly caters to the needs of both citizens and non-citizens. So, if you are interested in visiting this country frequently, you can even go ahead and purchase an apartment. You can easily find a beautiful house for sale that meets your budget and preferences.

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2. Zagreb

This Croatian capital does not live short of its praises. Zagreb’s vibrancy will easily attract anyone. Although it may look a bit laid back from afar, the numerous museums, wide range of outdoor activities, outstanding architecture, and history will easily captivate you. Zagreb’s intriguing cityscape contains a fascinating blend of iconic buildings with socialist and Austro-Hungarian structures. The impressive quirky museums are also filled with a broad range of exhibitions which run back in time. 

This city is also any foodie’s paradise and its one of the best places to enjoy the local Croatian cuisine. Zagreb is bubbling with restaurants and street stalls all serving different flavors. The fusion of traditional restaurants, as well as modern eateries, simply brings out the best out of the Mediterranean and continental cuisines. Moving away from the large crowds in the streets, the beaches in the Adriatic coast offer some of the best relaxation spots for summer break. So, you can relax and enjoy sun-basking or water-based activities in the warm sunny weather.

3. Split

As Croatia’s second-biggest city, Split has a lot to offer. Its location on Dalmatian coast’s edge, trinket shops, historic chapels and churches, and museums are among the things that attract millions of visitors annually. The Mediterranean city’s weather and traditional culture have also played crucial roles in attracting new audiences.

Split has stunning beaches with warm water. So, this is one of the places where you can take a dip before you even eat breakfast. Apart from enjoying the authentic Dalmatian seafood, Split will engage you with its beautiful art galleries, hiking trails, as well as festivals. It’s the perfect place for party goers, food enthusiast, and nature lovers.

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