3 Reasons Why You Should Start a Daycare From Home

In today’s world, childcare costs are at an all-time high and they will continue to rise. As the costs of most large daycare centers are through the roof, parents are always seeking alternative, affordable childcare. To help parents find great care at a great cost, more in-home daycares have since popped up all over the nation. In-home daycare costs are relatively lower when compared to your average daycare center, and the quality of in-home daycares has grown, becoming something more parents can rely on, and more parents are turning to in-home daycares because of this. This opens up a big opportunity for someone who is passionate about kids, as starting an in-home daycare is now easier than ever. If you have thought about starting up a daycare from home, you need to jump on the opportunity now!

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Reason #1 – Work From Home
Obviously, this is the major reason for starting a daycare from home. You get to spend time with your family, as well as have the convenience of being around the house in case anything comes up. You will never have to worry about a commute time either.

Reason #2 – The Money Is Great
Since childcare costs have risen so much in the last decade, you have an opportunity to cash in. Find out what your local daycare centers charge, which will help you gauge how much you should be charging. Charge a little less and you will see your business grow relatively fast. On average, I’ve heard of people who run in-home daycares pull in around $50,000 per year. This isn’t bad, considering they may only be watching around 5 kids total, while daycare centers take on many, many more.

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Reason #3 – Easy To Start Up
Starting up an in-home daycare is now easier than ever. With so many resources available and assistance programs out there, you are just making up excuses if you don’t get one up and running! Obviously, you need to hold a license, as well as be certified in childcare, first-aid, CPR, etc. These are all things that are simple and easy to get, not to mention certifications that anyone with children should have anyway. Honestly, if you browse the web about daycare start-ups, you would be surprised to find the load of information, as well as the simplicity of the start-up.

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Overall, the choice is on you! If you enjoy children and you want to spend some extra time with your family and work from home, starting a daycare is the perfect way to make that life become more of a reality!

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