3 Tricks Of Retailers That Make You Spend More

This is something that we all go through but do not realise. Perhaps a short story can explain the situation as to how the retailers make us drain a hefty amount of money while doing shopping.

The story is…..

There was a king who was a very nice person and wanted to work for the well-being of his empire. He was confident that he is the actual ruler, and he makes all the decisions only. He spent a lot of money to purchase varied materialistic pleasures to keep his people happy. One of his most reliable pawns used to give him lucrative offers in the market to buy things in large quantity and on profit.

The king relied on his suggestions and asked the pawn to implement all the decisions on purchasing things. However, one day he realised that he had spent huge money. Now his finances are in threat. The royal treasure is almost empty with the derailed financial situation.

Later he came to know that his trustworthy pawn was bringing him wrong deals that used to sound profitable but were tricky. He used to get his share in the name of well-being for the people and the kingdom. His aimed to gather more money from the income that was kept safe in the palace.

The outcome of the story is that the actual king was just a pawn, and the pawn was operating the whole thing.

Poor thing! Right? Such a big fraud.

You know what; you are too on the same boat with the king. Want to know how? Then distribute the characters of the story in actual people and situations that relate to the reality of your life.

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King – You the customers (which proved the pawn later)

Pawn – The retailer (who did the fraud to the king)

People – Your own needs and desires

We think that we are shopping for things for our benefit of profit with big discount offers. However, in reality, we are the victim of the clever minds of the retailers. They make us feel that they are giving a massive profit to us. But the actuality is on the other side of the coin.

Here are the 3 common tricks that the online retailers use to take out more money from your pockets. Please get to know the SITUATION and then REALITY behind it.

Multi-buy deals

SITUATION – Suppose there is an offer. Buy a pack of 10 different items in toiletry in just £100. This means £10 for each piece. You can make your mix of things. In excitement, you put these things in the cart. Soap, shampoo, a pack of toothpaste, razor, shaving lubricant, nail clipper, two towels, and two toothbrushes are there. You are happy on a smart decision was taken on this great deal.

REALITY – Such offers can be useful, but they mostly solve the following purposes of the retailers.

  • It helps to clear out the inventory in less time and at a significant profit. In reality, you needed only two to three items, but due to the offer, you took 10 things. Who is in loss now?
  • Generates more money for the retailers as many customers buy things through such offers. This creates wealth for them while the individuals bear the loss without even realising.
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They send you pop-ups wherever you go online

SITUATION: Have you ever noticed that whenever you go to your music app. your last seen items on a shopping site shows there?  With a pop-up, they appear on the screen while you listen to music. Why? How do they know a person is listening to music this time? The same thing happens when you use any other application or online outlet for a purpose.

REALITY: The trick of ‘attraction through distraction’ works here. Also, the factor of psychology is essential. While listening to your favourite song, the mood gets pleasant. The pop-up of the online shopping site makes you click on the link and search for more related things of choice. Chances are there that you may add some items to your cart and may even purchase them. The retailers work hard on the factor of probability.

The trap of top list

SITUATION – Most of the people trust the top list products on the shopping websites. They rely on the suggestion so blindly that no second thought interferes. Sometimes, this obsession makes them purchase the things that they do not even need. Mostly this happens in the name of love for the trend. Whatever is the latest is the trend.

REALITY – Usually, the things you see in the top list are the items that the retailers want to get rid of.  They bring the things on the top to keep them in your notice. Besides, the perks in the name of discounts and offers are to help them satisfy their purpose faster. This again ends with spendthrift shopping from your side.

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The ultimate reality is all this happens due to the only habit of mindless shopping. Until you do not get rid of it, making a fool of you is not difficult. Why not act smart and cautious.

THE COMFORT OF HOME DELIVERY IS ALSO ANOTHER FACTOR THAT MAKES PEOPLE PURCHASE MORE. Do you also do the same? But you know what, comfort is the ultimate enemy that provokes careless decisions. It takes benefit of your weaknesses. Everything that comes to your place should be taken with utmost caution. Whether it is grocery or even money that happens in your weak times like cash loans to your door for unemployed, always act wisely. Stay smart, shop smart, and you can save many precious pennies.

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