4 Common Misconceptions About Plastic Recycling

Because of the plastic injection mold, it has become an extremely versatile, precise, and inexpensive way of mass-producing the plastic products that you see every day. Injection molds use thermo and thermosets plastic. The primary difference between these two materials is that thermoset plastics cannot be recycled while thermoplastics can. Imagine how many plastic materials that injection molds can create. At these times, individuals are being more aware of how plastics affect the environment and are looking for solutions to reduce their carbon footprint. With access to the internet today, and many people looking for ways to recycle plastic, you can be exposed to different information. Today, we will be talking about the common misconceptions about plastic recycling. Being aware of this will hopefully be able to change your perception and tweak your efforts on recycling this material.

You are free to throw out any piece of plastic you want, as it will get sorted out

Trash bins are everywhere and are indeed being sorted out. Depending on where you are located, your trash ends up between regions and cities before sending them out (usually to a landfill). Not all communities have advanced waste management systems that sort out trash after collection. This is why labeled and color-coded garbage bins have been invented. It is important to know and be mindful of how we throw our trash, especially plastics. Because if not thrown properly, it may end up and landfill and buried underneath many amounts of trash. As time passes, the harmful chemicals make its way underneath, to the ground, which will eventually and potentially contaminate drinking water, rivers, and the ocean.

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Today, everything takes place hence, sorting out these in recycling bins ultimately can’t be programmed. Many wastes are difficult to be sorted such as food waste, note that there are foods that may be hard to dissolve immediately, rubber (all types, such as hoses, wraps, and the ones that are found within machinery), wire, plastics, low-grade plastics, chemicals, and many more toxic things residents did not mind causing problems and pose hazards to workers and specially animals.

You are all fully aware of how plastic is extremely harmful to animals. To help save the environment, throw your trash mindfully.

There are biodegradable plastics

You can be fooled with items that are labeled as “biodegradable” or “compostable”. Materials and packaging that are labeled with those terms mostly require an industrial composting facility. These facilities are required to maintain a high temperature of at least 160 degrees for quite a while. And as of today, there are only a few composting facilities that are able to do this. So you may want to think again after being sure that the items you buy are being recycled or composted. Ensure that you make the best choices for your packaging. If consumed and used, you can increase your efforts to reuse these “biodegradable” or “compostable” plastics for a more sustainable solution.

Paper bags are a better option than plastic bags

Because of the rise of the knowledge that plastic is extremely harmful to the environment, establishments, businesses, and commercial stores have been making the choice to go eco-friendlier and use paper bags instead. Although it is true that plastic is harmful for the environment, it doesn’t mean that paper bags aren’t as harmful. You’d be surprised to know that paper bags actually consume more energy and water to produce, which results in more greenhouse gas emissions than plastic bags. However, they are compostable but cannot be reused. If looking at it in a production and use perspective, paper bags consume more energy and also cause damage to the environment through emissions. The best bet for sustainability is using reusable bags like canvas bags. They are eco-friendlier and can be used many more times rather than paper and plastic bags.

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Plastics need to be in shipshape to be recycled

Some people unknowingly crunch, deform, and break whatever plastic they are using. Most, if not all, individuals nowadays assume that once the plastic is broken, it cannot be recycled. This is not the case. Plastics that are deformed and broken are not less useful as plastics that are in good shape. You can keep this in mind whenever you consume and use plastic material. Even if the plastic is not in its pristine condition, it is still capable of being recycled.

Side note, a chasing arrows symbol means a plastic container is recyclable. Hence, the only information in the symbol is the number inside those arrows, those numbers indicates how many times that plastic can maintain resin used to hold food and stuff that are for consumption.

The point of Recycling Over Again

The fact that people are questioning if a specific material is recycled once, it isn’t or cannot be recycled again. This myth must be debunked.

Many common items that are already recycled can be recycled over and over again. Without a loss of quality glass and metals can be recycled indefinitely. Now, this article is not saying plastic can too but plastics can often be recycled once or twice in a new and usable plastic product. Note that using plastic containers conserves energy when the equation includes the energy used to synthesize the plastic. Refillables are also important as it is a way to conserve most energy.

Once to carry out food but oftentimes this must turn into something useful within your convenience inside your abode, for example the ones to carry out light weighted items.

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Key Takeaway

Clearing out some of the misconceptions about plastic recycling can hopefully pave the way for people to put in more effort and change their ways on how they reduce their plastic carbon footprint.

Establishing recycled materials within the likelihood might decrease consumption of plastic materials and increase eco-friendly materials for our use. Also, discipline for one is vital to survive.

The plastic injection mold has made it easier to produce a big number and amount of plastics on our day-to-day and it is in your hands to make use and recycle the plastics and make sure that it doesn’t damage the environment.

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