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4 Fun Ways to Spice Up Your Office Interiors in 2020

Tired of coming to the office and seeing the same plain-looking space everytime? Then let 2020 be the year of changes, and start by sprucing up your workplace.

Employees spend an average of eight hours in the office every day during weekdays. Your workforce specialist might argue that the workplace aesthetics contribute nothing to how productive employees are. However, having an office that’s nice to look at can definitely improve the mood and well-being of employees who spend a lot of their waking hours in the office.

Whether you do it yourself or hire an interior design firm to accomplish it for you, here are some fun ideas to liven up your office interiors.

1. Decorate room corners with broad-leaf plants on large ceramic pots.

Adding plants in the workplace is one way to literally add life to a monotonous office space. Aside from the aesthetic purposes, there are actually scientifically proven benefits in having office plants. There’s a reported decrease in stress, tension, and anxiety in workplaces once plants were introduced in the workspace. Office plants are also shown to reduce absence rates, attract job seekers, encourages creativity, and lower noise levels.

Most importantly, the color green has a relaxing and calming effect on humans that’s why no matter what theme or concept you’re aiming for, every office interior design needs to integrate plants.

2. Paint your office walls with solid colors.

Most offices either go with a dull white or cream color for their walls. It’s safe, standard, and sometimes, incredibly boring. Bring to life usually drab office walls by painting it with a solid color. Go for colors that are easy on the eye so it won’t be too distracting.

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Not sure what color to use? There’s nothing wrong following the trends. For 2020, Pantone announced Classic Blue to be the color of the year. It’s a classic shade that can easily accentuate other colors. So even if your company’s official color isn’t Classic Blue, it will be easy to integrate and complement the interiors of your office.

3. Add a signature piece of furniture.

Completely changing the look of your office wouldn’t always be necessary. Sometimes, you just need to make one big change or add something striking and the effect would still be noticeable.

For example, why not change the sofa in the office’s common room and replace it with one that’s brighter in color or more eccentric or modern in design? Of course, consider how it meshes well with everything else in the room matters. Adding a signature furniture piece may sound little, but it can already change the overall look of a room.

4. Improve the lighting in every room in the office.

No matter how you try to improve a room’s aesthetics, it will fall short if the room is not well lit. Improving the lighting in the office can be a big change in the office and can prompt positive changes within the workplace.

There are, of course, multiple ways to improve lighting, and one way to do that is by changing into lighter curtains, instead of heavy, dark-colored ones. It’s a small change that can bring a big difference. Opting for lower panels for workstations is also better in order for natural light to reach as far as possible. Options can be limited if the room generally doesn’t have much natural light, but having a good combination of natural and artificial lighting can be the perfect lighting option for offices.

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However, take note that too much light can also negatively impact the employees productivity, which can sometimes cause physical and emotional discomfort. Dual sources of lighting is discovered to be the best way to create the perfect lighting for the office.


Something as simple as improving your office’s interior design can motivate employees and even improve their productivity and effectivity. Little changes here and there and not just at the start of the year are definitely welcome. If you’re feeling adventurous and the budget is not an issue, why not hire an office fit out and design firm to help you do a complete overhaul of your office interiors?

Kickstart your 2020 with these fun and simple interior design ideas for a brighter workplace for the new year.

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