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4 Preparation Tips Before Meeting With A Shopify Designer

The process of designing or redesigning a Shopify website can be relatively easy and streamlined or long and painful. It all depends on not just the Shopify Designer working on your site, but it also depends on you and how open and prepared you are to give your designer what he or she needs to complete the job. If you’ve got an online Shopify store and are in the process of searching for a designer, here are 4 tips to help you prepare for a successful meeting.

Know Your Business
The most important step to not only designing an online store but also running an online store is knowing your business. The only way to succeed in the online world is to know who your target audience is and what they are looking for. You should know your industry and market like the back of your hand. You should know what products or services you offer, why you offer them, and how they’ll benefit your target audience. In addition, you’ll need to know who your competitors are. What do you offer that they don’t? Or how are your products better than theirs? Why should users purchase from you instead of them?

I also keep using the word target audience. On top of know your industry, your business, and your competitors, you also need to know who you are selling to. Who is your current audience, the people currently landing on your website? Are they making any purchases? Completing any goals? Are these the people you’d like to continue to target? Or is there another demographic that doesn’t currently land on your site, but would have a higher conversion rate?

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Create a List of Changes You’d Like to Make On Your Website
When you’re in the process of looking for a Shopify designer for your website, you should start your own evaluation of your site. Do a deep dive into what your site currently looks like. How are the pages formatted? Where is the content placed? What kind of images are used? Look at every page on your site and start creating a list of things you’d like to change. Do you need better quality images? Do you want more call-outs and CTAs placed on certain pages of your site? Do you have a logo? What is your current color scheme? Would you like to keep the same color scheme and logo or start fresh? There are many things that can be considered and looked into and while a designer might be able to point out certain things and give you their own opinion, being prepared with a list of issues will only help that process and keep both you and the designer focused in one direction.

Know Your Budget
Once you’ve created a list of changes you’d like to focus on during the design or your website, and once you’ve narrowed down your Shopify designers, you’ll need to think about your budget. If your list is 50 pages long and your web design requires a lot of functionality or high-end designs but your budget is under 1K, then you’ll need to narrow that list down or settle for a designer that might not be able to deliver the results your expecting. Having an idea of what your budget is and communicating with your designer about what you are looking for can help eliminate any disappointments moving forward.

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Gather Your Content
The final step in this list of preparation for meeting with a Shopify web designer to redesign your website is to gather your content. Be prepared with a folder of images and text you’d like to use on your site. This will make your designer’s job easier and will make the process go by quicker since they won’t have to hold anything while they wait for more information from you.

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