4 safe defensive driving techniques

Auto accidents cause thousands of deaths and millions of injuries each year. The best alternative for keeping you, your passengers and other drivers on the road safe is to learn an extended defensive driving method.

There are a multitude of thriving defensive driving formulas to keep everyone safe on the road. Being alert while driving is the essential method of defensive driving and is connected to everyone. It means being perfectly familiar with what’s going on around you. Too often, drivers focus on objects other than the road.

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  1. Mobile phones
  2. Car radios
  3. Apply makeup
  4. Other passengers

Certain regions of the United States USA and other countries have already prohibited, or enact laws to blacklist, the use of mobile phones while driving. Cell phones often have an airplane with one hand, while the remaining free hand is used for driving. Driving with one hand is not the main cause of a car accident, but talking on the phone is the problem. Many people cannot converse on the phone and fully focus on their surroundings while driving. For example, an oncoming car could drift into the lane of a driver talking on the cell phone, and they might not have enough time to process and react to the circumstances. There are many drivers on the road with our cellphones without them, who could not maneuver their car around an unexpected obstacle. For this factor, staying alert and warning is a more common defensive driving method.

The defensive driving surveillance method also involves looking for debris on the road. Regardless of the fact that most roads are safe, hazardous waste can sometimes end up on the road. A driver of a large truck carrying construction equipment may have accidentally thrown debris. If the driver did not know that the debris fell from his car, they will likely continue to move and the debris will still be on the road. Whether a car hits an object moving at 10 miles per hour or sixty miles per hour, damage is likely to occur. A happy circumstance would only cause damage to the vehicle; Debris on the road can cause cars to skid or even turn around, which can injure the driver or other passengers.

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Animals and people on the road or on the side of the road often worry drivers. Again, this is another factor for which becoming familiar with one’s surroundings is a thriving defensive driving method. Walkers or joggers along the road are a potential hazard, as the slightest push from a car can seriously injure a pedestrian. Depending on the location, many paths have crosses for domestic and wild animals. It is unusual for dogs, cats, squirrels, skunks or deer to run in the middle of the road by surprise. If it is impossible to avoid hitting a wild animal, the warning will greatly reduce the risk.

Staying alert and familiar with your surroundings is a defensive approach that requires little effort. Staying alert is something that needs to be accomplished regardless of your driving situation. Extended Defensive Driving Formulas are designed to keep everyone on the road safe. In addition to preventing injury, you can apply a defensive driving method to save you money in the end. Insurance rates increase with each ticket or car accident. Study a defensive driving method and see the benefits of caution.