4 Ways to Fight the Early Signs of Ageing

Have you ever noticed that your mind and body don’t necessarily connect where age is concerned? In your mind, you may feel the same age as you did 10 years ago, but your body isn’t quite so forgiving. The early signs of ageing can show up when you least expect it and leave you a little shaken as to how different you start looking.

If you’re starting to see fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots showing up on your face and you want to reverse the hands of time, the good news is that there are plenty of effective treatments you can use. Let’s take a look at how you can fight the early signs of ageing and slow down the process.

Be Mindful of What You Eat and Drink

You may be surprised to find that the first tip has nothing to do with a skin care treatment or specific product, rather it has to do with healthy lifestyle habits. Eating a well-balanced diet that is high in fresh vegetables and fruits means you’ll be getting all the proper nutrients your skin needs. These are nutrients that keep the skin balanced, radiant and able to fight off ageing. It’s also important to drink lots of water so the skin stays plump and hydrated, which makes fine lines less visible.

Steer Clear of Harsh Face Cleansers

Make sure to also look at the ingredients on your facial cleanser to ensure it’s free from harsh chemicals and ingredients. These can irritate your skin, dehydrate it and even damage it. Look for something that is gentle, creamy and doesn’t contain dyes and perfumes.

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Find the Right Moisturiser for Your Skin

It’s important to follow up cleansing with the right moisturiser. Look for one that has anti-ageing benefits which means it contains proven ingredients. Some of the best ingredients to fight the signs of ageing are vitamin C, vitamin E, retinol, niacinamide, ferulic acid, glycolic acid and hyaluronic acid.

Chemical Peels Can Offer Quick Results

If you don’t want to spend time waiting for results to occur, or perhaps the signs of ageing are more pronounced, then a professional chemical peel can be a great solution. The chemicals used will safely exfoliate the surface layers of your skin. The body responds by generating new cells to repair the skin. This means you’ll have a fresher, brighter more even complexion. This skincare clinic in Holywood can offer more information on chemical peels and the specific results you can expect.

It’s worth noting that there are a variety of chemical peels available so it’s best to speak to a professional about which one they recommend for your skin. Light peels can be done monthly, medium peels can be done once every six months, and then deep peeling doesn’t need to be repeated for a few years.

All of these tips will help you to slow down and even reverse the early signs of ageing, which means you’ll be banishing those lines and wrinkles for many years to come.

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