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5 Best Relaxation Spots In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a beautiful city that’s always throbbing with life. However, things can sometimes get hectic due to the fast pace of life. You may easily end up getting fatigued, stressed, or frustrated. To ensure that you still maintain your sanity and get peace of mind, here are the top 5 best relaxation spots in Hong Kong

1. Tap Mun

Taking a trekking trip to this island will leave you feeling rejuvenated and relaxed at the end of the day. Found in the north-eastern part of the territory, Tap Mun is an isolated island that’s only accessible by a small motorized ferry. It’s serene and cool yet charming. This small village is inhabited by just 100 people. The brimming lush green island will captivate all your senses. Furthermore, its atmosphere is cool enough to make you forget the bustling life of Hong Kong city. The breathtaking landscape, Tin Hua Temple, and the crystal clear waters are some of the things that you can spend exploring.

2. Victoria Peak Garden

Although it’s a short distance from the Peak Tram stop, Victoria Peak Garden is normally overlooked by tourists, especially during weekdays. It’s a great relaxing spot where you can enjoy a breath of fresh air. The public garden features open lush lawns, winding paths, and park benches which have the classic old Victorian design. Additionally, you will get stunning views of Hong Kong city.

3. Tai Pan Reflexology Parlor

This is one of the best Hong Kong massage spots. Tai Pan Reflexology center is a stunning place with a captivating interior. Prepare for premium massage services in the waiting room while listening to soothing soundtracks.

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Note the massage itself is total bliss. It feels like a mini-vacation of its own only that it involves your body. Located right at the central part of Tsim Sha Tsui, this parlor offers relaxing and rejuvenating services in a complementing environment. Start with a foot massage or foot steaming then proceed to acupuncture body massage. Additionally, there is head and shoulder massage which helps to ease eye strain, headaches, and even sinus congestion.

4. Hoi Han Wan Marine Park

The name Hoi Han Wan means “beneath the sea”. Well, this name has a correlation with the marine life found here. Hoi Han Wan Marine Park has 120 coral fish and 60 types of hard coral. It’s located in an area with mangroves which makes it a suitable relaxing spot from the chaotic city. Soak into the clear waters which will simply melt your stress. Alternatively, engage in snorkeling or simply enjoy the beautiful views offered by the shimmering waters.

5. Tai Mei Tuk

Popularly known as the Plover Cove, Tai Mei Tuk is a scenic spot where you can spend time alone or with a few friends. Located in the rural area of Tai Po, this hidden gem features crystal clear waters, fresh air, as well as a beautiful mountainous backdrop. If you want to engage in an enjoyable outdoor activity that relaxes your body and engages your mind, you can go hiking or cycling.

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