5 Best Things You Can Do to Treat Psoriasis

According to the National Psoriasis Foundation, this disease affects eight million Americans and usually presents itself between the ages of 15 and 25. It’s still unclear what exactly causes it but it’s linked to genetics, immune system function, and environmental factors. As a preventive measure, try to avoid these common triggers of psoriasis:

  • Stress
  • Any infection (especially streptococcus infection and any skin infection)
  • Certain medications (interferons, imiquimod, beta-blockers, lithium, iodides, and antimalarial drugs)
  • Unhealthy diet
  • Smoking
  • Vitamin D deficiency
  • Injury to the skin or a severe sunburn  
  • Heavy alcohol consumption

Psoriasis is an inflammatory chronic skin condition which requires special and holistic care. If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably spoken with your dermatologist already. But if you haven’t then you should do so first since psoriasis is often linked to other chronic conditions including diabetes, psoriatic arthritis, metabolic disorder, and cardiovascular disease. We are going to look at certain things you can do to relieve your symptoms and make your skin healthier and shinier. 

1. Use proper scalp care products

People with psoriasis often experience scalp psoriasis. In this case, some natural shampoos can improve the scalp and relieve the affected area. Special scalp oils are also effective, they soothe inflamed skin. Regular use of these care products is a good prevention of inflammations caused by psoriasis. When choosing shampoos, pay attention to product composition and look for such ingredients as apple cider vinegar rinses, oat, and tea tree oil. You may also choose care products with your doctor. 

2. Change your diet   

A healthy diet is a powerful option that can prevent and relieve most diseases. Depending on what you’re eating, food can be a cure or it can be a poison. One study found that a keto diet can exacerbate psoriasis and lead to skin inflammation. Other studies found a link between weight and psoriasis and suggest that normal-weight may help relieve outbreaks. 

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3. Use such topicals as turmeric or aloe  

Turmeric is a good anti-inflammatory product. While dishes, supplements, and drinks with this spice can reduce chronic inflammation, topicals based on turmeric can also relieve skin inflammation. One study found that when patients applied turmeric topically, their psoriasis patches had decreased. According to a 2018 study, people with mild psoriasis who used a mixture of aloe and propolis, patches have become smaller in size. 

4. Use salt baths 

According to one small study, dead sea baths relieve symptoms in psoriasis sufferers. In addition, balneotherapy (mineral thermal baths) may increase skin microbiome diversity which means that your skin can become more protected and resistant to any inflammation. Consult dermatologist Brooklyn to choose your best option. 

5. Stay calm and physically active 

Everyone who has any chronic condition should minimize triggers of inflammation. Certain foods, toxins, and bad habits are the most common causes of inflammation. But did you know that even stress, anxiety, and depression can cause dangerous chronic diseases? Moreover, they can exacerbate the present conditions and lead to irreversible consequences. It’s impossible to prevent stress but it’s possible to minimize it and don’t let it become chronic. Physical activity will help you on the way to calm and inner harmony. You can try yoga, swimming, pilates or running.   

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