5 Best Vacation Ideas for Croatia

Croatia is a wonderful country and is one of the best countries to plan for a vacation. Here, you will get to explore sumptuous lakes, pristine beaches, medieval castles, magnificent flora and fauna and not to mention the amazing sunny islands with some sizzling nightlife. The country is buzzing throughout the year, so you can plan your vacation anytime you want. Here are 5 vacation ideas for Croatia for you to explore.

5 Vacation Ideas for Croatia

1. A Calm Beach Holiday

Croatia has several islands boasting sandy beaches, but the country’s finest ones are located in Nin near Zadar and Lopud island.

The country’s coastline is nearly 6000 km long resulting in several bays, coves, diving rocks, and swimming shingles. Some of the beaches
can only be reached by car while some require a boat-taxi combo or the swiftness of a mountain goat. In Hvar, you will find almost 3000 hours of annual sunshine in the sandy crescents like Pokonji Dol.

2. A Cruise Trip Across Croatian Islands

One of the biggest dilemmas while picking a cruise trip on a Croatian vacation is that there are 1244 islands to choose from. Thankfully, you
can reach every sun-drenched corner of Croatia’s 3500-mile long coastline by cruise ship, ferry hop or a private yacht. You will experience an amazing mix of Dalmatian ham, Malvasia wine, snorkel spots, and kayak stoppages.

Croatia also hosts a week-long yacht week Croatia each year which also has three sub-divisions such as Croatia Original Route, Croatia Ultra Music festival, and Croatia Dubrovnik Route where you get the chance to sail through the Adriatic Sea at a reasonable price. It is a once in a lifetime experience where you get the chance to experience some of the country’s amazing sandy islands, sizzling nightlife, and wonderful medieval culture along with your friends and family.

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3. An Exhilarating Activity Holiday

The country has eight amazing and diverse National Parks across its dominion, so if have a camera, then don’t forget to bring it on your
planned vacation. You can also indulge yourself in various exhilarating activities such as Skiing, Diving, Horse-riding, and swimming across the

The Velebit Mountains in the snow-covered Dinaric Alps is the ideal place to begin. Try spotting bears, bungie-jumping as well as canyoning. You can also visit in Plitvice Lakes in the south where waterfalls deluge through the agrarian countryside. It is a sybaritic home for eagles, wolves, wildcats, deer as well as a perfect place for bikers and hikers.

4. A Mainland Cultural Trip to Croatia

Even though most of the country’s 18 million annual tourists prefer to stay on the sun-drenched coastal regions, some inland tourists on cars, bikes, trains, and buses can hop around places such as Daruvar (thermal resort), Samobor (bucolic gourmet escape), and some of the medieval castles and stay in their own paradise.

The country’s capital Zagreb is an enticing assortment of upper medieval places as well as multiple craft markets and Viennese coffee shops. There is also a winter ski resort within the 10 km which can double as a woodland wilderness in the home summer.

5. A Self-Drive Tour of Croatian islands

Croatia is a natural driving country. The country is as big as Switzerland and as long as France and has around 4 million locals. Still, the roads remain as empty as on Christmas Day. You can always hire a car from one of the country’s seven international airports and the four wheels will give access to the areas where only a few tourists able to visit.

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