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High-quality leather jackets are expensive. Feel and work like the second layer of skin that fits your frame. One-shoulder that is too big for you, as a form of the extraordinary upper body. Make sure the shoulder length is correct for you. Leather jackets are extremely versatile. You can wear a t-shirt and jeans of any color. Leather jackets are undoubtedly one of the most versatile clothing ever demanded. No matter the weather, the leather jacket is always cool and stylish.


Leather trench coats are a modern change, so they have not yet achieved the status of classic menswear. It is heavier and warmer than similar products made of cotton or wool and is more closely related in functionality to the coat. The anti-fouling and water repellency of leather and the ability to easily clean, have made this windbreaker a fan of industrious city people. The black leather trench coat looks very classy. The traditional and most common trench coat color is khaki, though you will see a jacket with a color ranging from ivory to tan. During the Second World War, a darker trench coat appeared. From a practical point of view, this makes sense, because they need less cleaning and are more camouflaged. Today, black, blue and even patterned trench coats occupy a large section of department stores. Although some people think that the darker colors are less complicated, they give up the tradition. Choose dark color leather trench coat, it looks great on men and for women, you can choose any color.


Pea-coat is a classic men’s jacket. Typical pea coat colors between leisure and business are black and navy, but also plaid, olive green or even denim. It is two-row and gives a courageous and military feeling. Some pea-coats have cotton bibs that keep the wide lapels open and pull the bibs up to the neck to stay warm. The pea-coat leather jacket looks amazing on women also. A leather jacket with studs and a black sandal is a popular collection for many fashion-conscious girls. Complete your pair with black leather rivet sandals to highlight your fashion. Leather jackets with studs and gold skirts have become an indispensable style of clothing. You can complete your outfit with black suede sandals. A leather jacket with studs and a black leather jean staple that fits well into your daily collection. With a pair of tan boots in light brown leather, you can experience this pair of stylish casualness.

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Leather Duster Coat

Women and Men wear the leather dust coat with a stylish look, durability, comfort, and mobility. Fully lined lambskin with a detachable shawl to keep you warm and protected from the weather. The 28-inch gusset features removable leg loops for extra protection. Choose the leather duster coat who have features of a front snap button, two outside pockets, two inside pockets, snap button closure,  Wild West look, and style, lined, Removable leg loops and shawls, Buckle in the front,  Two inside and outside pockets and Durable lambskin leather. This coat is for winter.

Double Breasted Coat

Black jacket with a classic long cut, four front pockets, a concealed button fastening. A real winner of the wardrobe. Traditionally, aristocrats and Hollywood idols wear the double-breasted jacket, which is Renaissance-inspired and combines timeless elements with contemporary art. While the appearance of a double-breasted look requires a refined sense of style, few people who do the right thing can do better.


The lightweight women’s Parker coat is the ideal transition coat that can be stowed on sunny days and easily retrieved when the sky is a bit dark. In addition to the classic neutral tones, you’ll find bold, beautiful colors and fun faux fur features to ensure you stand out from the crowd. You can find these coats with a variety of shades to match the look. And, if you’re feeling chilly, change your coat to a Noisy May padded pike coat with a comfortable hood and unlimited styling potential. The Parker coat features its signature large hood, spacious pockets and comfortable lining, which are undoubtedly a must-have for the jacket. The men’s Parker coats are the long rope coat or make a classic faux fur hooded parka coat.

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