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5 Great Tips to Prevent Blocked Drains in Your House

Do you want to solve the problem of blocked drains in the house? If yes, then go through this blog to get 5 tips and prevent this issue quickly. It is important to know the basic difference in kitchen drain blockage than the clogs formed for bathroom drains.

Do it yourself approach for cleaning bathroom drains

If you want to get rid of blocked drains problem, then follow these two household elements such as – vinegar and gold old table salt. Bathroom drains are usually blocked due to sticky substances poured in them. Some of these substances are – soap, toothpaste, hair and shaving cream. All of these are ordinary things that are an essential part of your daily routine.

In order to avoid blocked drains, try pouring one tablespoon of salt in the drain and then empty one quarter cup of white vinegar on top. Let the mixture to stay there for an hour and after the time is over, pour lots of hot water. You may perform the entire operation at least two times in order to get the best possible results.

1.     Keep the sinks clean and tidy

You can keep your sinks clean by putting some bleaching in the drains along with using salt and vinegar to prevent blocked drains. Try pouring it in before going to bed and ensure maximum effect. For this, the time required is usually one hour and overnight is also a better option. You can even take help of a reliable plumbing company that provides blocked drains Services in Islington.

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2.  Degrease your kitchen sink

It is important to take necessary measures as the accumulation of grease will take place in kitchen sink overtime. This way, you may prevent blocked drains in the kitchen sink easily. Pour liquid dish detergent down the plughole which is then followed by large volume of boiling water.

Take hot water and fill a big pan to boil on the cooker. Before water boils, pour at least one tablespoon down the sink. You need to follow it immediately with the boiling water and add a little to it at that time. The detergent dismisses the grease in the same way while using it to wash the plates. The hot water removes grease deposits that have already accumulated.

3.     Avoid using hot water from tap

You should not feel tempted to use hot water from the tap unless there is a tap in the boiler. Ordinary tap water is not hot for removing the grease even with the use of detergent.

Though you do not want huge build up of grease in the bathroom sink, it is suggested to use boiling water. You may even use dish detergent, if needed.

4.     Garbage disposal units and cold water

If you have a separate unit for garbage disposal that has been connected below the sink, avoid washing garbage with hot water from the tap. This is mainly because hot water melts and softens any fat and grease as well as encourages grease to wash through and then coat pipes.

It is suggested to use large amount of cold water directly from the tap that keeps oil solid by enabling disposal unit to break it up. When degreasing and cleaning the sink with built-in garbage disposal unit, boiling water is definitely the best solution.

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5.     Outside drains

The outside drains may get blocked too from time to time. This mainly happens due to build-up of fallen leaves and you can prevent this by covering drains with chicken wire.

If you cannot solve the problem of blocked drains, it’s time to get in touch with a professional now. You may take help of a good plumber in Clerkenwell, EC1 who can deal with and solve all your plumbing issues

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