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5 Hacks To Rank Higher On Google

You can’t purchase Google rank with money alone, but you can enhance your position on the search engine results page (SERP) without spending a dollar with a little time and planning. If done correctly, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a gift that keeps on giving. We found several SEO techniques that actually work so you don’t have to. One of the most effective digital marketing strategies out there is SEO.

Here are 5 SEO Tips to Help You Rank Higher on Google.

SEO Hacks

Ranking zero on Google/search engines was critical, and that has since been our holy goal. Today, we’re sharing some of our SEO secrets with you, so you can quickly find your business on Google.

Intriguing SERP design article, the organic domain that ranks first on Google receives 32.5 percent of overall clicks traffic, the second receives 17.5 percent, and the seventh receives only 3.5 percent!

It’s reasonable to say that if you’re not on page one, you’ll be overlooked.

So, how do you go about doing it? We’ll walk you through 5 SEO tricks that will help you rank on Google’s first page, and if done correctly, even zero! These are some additional SEO hacks you can quickly employ to increase your search ranks through digital marketing services in USA, assuming you have all of your core SEO set up.

1. Update your website footer

We don’t mean overload it with as many links as possible. Design your footer with a strategy in mind.

  • Make sure your anchor text corresponds to your most popular keywords.
  • Look for the most relevant keywords (consider for search intent).
  • Include relevant links (about/resources).
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Things not to do:

  • Never pack it with too many hyperlinks.
  • Don’t stuff it with random terms.

2. Add Jump-to/page jump sections to blogs

Long articles allow you to incorporate all of the SEO fundamentals and can dramatically increase your discoverability. How can you encourage readers to read a 3000-word article without losing concentration or attention? Simple! Include a “jump to” section.

You can use a jump-to section to build a clickable index on your blog. When a reader clicks on it, they are directed to that specific area of the blog. Plus, there’s more. It enables you to construct interlinks within your blog/website and intuitively guide your readers.

Here’s an excellent example.

This is quite simple to perform if you’re utilizing a WordPress website. See how to add a page jump section to your blog in this detailed tutorial. If your website is not hosted on WordPress, you can simply add page jumps using this simple HTML guide.

If you don’t want to do this, you can still index your articles using a text-only index. List your site’s headers in the first or second section to help search engines comprehend what your blog is about right away.

3. Apply rich snippets for better clicks

Google’s search page is constantly changing. Currently (at the time of writing this blog), a typical search page looks like this:

Adding rich snippets to your website or blog can drastically improve your content’s click-through rate and help you get found. Rich-snippets provide you that extra space to show off what you have to offer, and Google loves it when you contribute value to those looking online.

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Rich snippets exist in a variety of formats, and you can select the one that best meets your needs. Google has provided some suggestions. In the gallery, you can see what each sample looks like.

This article will show you how to incorporate rich snippets into your website or blog. There are WordPress plugins that might help you get the task done swiftly. You can examine the HTML code for anything else.

4. Use social media for keyword research

The importance of establishing a brand presence on social media marketing cannot be overstated. This not only gives you an online identity, but it also aids your SEO rankings in more ways than you may realize. The following are some easy ways to conduct keyword research on social media:

  • Use Twitter to find hot hashtags/topics for your content development.
  • Visit Instagram to see what’s trending (hashtags, topical content, etc).
  • Use Google Search as a form of social media – while adding keywords to your content plan, check for keywords that appear in autofill.
  • Linkedin hashtags and content suggestions are also a wonderful way to find out what your industry is talking about.

5. The secret to nailing SEO


Although SEO is technical, it is fundamentally about creating breathing, human content.

If you don’t provide value or develop great content on the internet, no amount of hacks, tactics and digital marketing services in USA can help you. In nature, value and quality can be subjective.

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Final Thoughts

This is how you may prepare your website for the challenges that search engines and the digital market may bring in 2022.

If you are unsure about performing all of these SEO growth hacks or if they appear to be too daunting for you, you can hire an outstanding digital marketing agency in USA. It’s well worth your money and time, believe me.