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5 Major Educational Changes Adopted By DPSG

The field of education has witnessed a paradigm shift in the way it is imparted, since the time of Gurukuls to the present era of e-learning. There were umpteen reforms made to shape the face of education to what we see today. The changes are in everything, in the content, the teacher’s approach, the environment in the classes and the use of technology.

DPSG in Dehradun is the best CBSE board school in the valley. It follows a well thought out educational program with personalised learning and the best of technology integration. The school has well-designed strategies to make the educational journey of every student a memorable one. In the previous years, there were few significant changes which changed the face of education. DPSG Dehradun has implemented all the changes to provide an experiential and innovative curriculum to the students.

  1. Active learning: Gone are the days when only textbook knowledge was taught in schools and students used to make notes to fare well in examinations. Today a broad range of learning strategies are used in schools under active learning, to help the students understand the concepts better. It engages students in activities during their class time to learn, along with their instructor. DPSG actively follows this process as it not only helps the students in grasping the concepts better; it also helps them in interacting better among themselves. Students become more receptive and confident to try out new things.
  2. Increase in extra-curricular activity: Apart from education, developing life skills is considered as an essential aspect for character building. DPSG understands this need of the hour, and thus have introduced a wide range of extra-curricular activities in the curriculum. It teaches students the importance of teamwork and discipline and follows the right balance of academics as well as extra-curricular activities.  
  3. Availability of Data: Everything is available on the internet today, but no one can keep a tab on the information being circulated. Therefore, DPSG provides the best of books and study material which is relevant to their studies. The school takes utmost care to make sure that only relevant and appropriate content is accessible to the students to nurture their young minds. The library with online digital facilities is well stocked with the full range of information for academic and general-purpose reads.
  4. Technology dependency: Technology and education go hand-in-hand. Technology and its role in thefield of education have seen significant changes. It has become a necessity for every school to implement the latest technology trends in the school. It increases the children’s exposure and makes them well- versed to face the challenges in the real world. DPSG Dehradun has well acquainted with the changing trends and has well-equipped labs and audio-visual rooms to make the learning experience of every student a memorable one.
  5. Exam competency: Entrance exams have become much more competitive today. Every child needs proper guidance from the very start to do well in those exams. Note here that every child’s academic requirements and areas of interests are different. Thus, every student requires a different approach. DPSG understands the gravity of the situation and helps the students and their guardians to choose a relevant field, according to their interests and academic excellence.
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Education will keep seeing numerous changes with each passing year. In these changing times, it becomes essential that the schools also change their system of teaching for the betterment of the students. DPSG, Dehradun has kept with the latest trends and implemented the best strategies to make the experience a pleasant one for both the students and the teachers. It is among the best CBSE schools in Dehradun, designed to provide world-class education complemented with the best day school facilities.

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