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5 Must-ask Questions To Optometrist Before Choosing Contact Lenses

Wearing contact lenses for the first time seems a daunting task, especially when lots of questions fluctuate in your mind. At this stage, it is important to take doctor’s advice regarding which contact is perfect for your eyes and how you can care lenses for eye’s good health. Considering wearer’s concern, we have created this post containing 5 major questions asked to Optometrist before choosing Multifocal Contact Lenses or other lenses.

Table of Content

  • 5 Must-Ask Questions to Optician
  • Do Contacts And Glasses Require Different Prescriptions?
  • What Are The Different Types Of Contact Lenses?
  • Can I easily switch from Daily to Monthly lenses?
  • How long can I use a contact lens?
  • What Is The Best Way To Look After Your Lenses?
  • Bottom Line

5 Must-Ask Questions to Optician

  1. Do Contacts And Glasses Require Different Prescriptions?

This is a question of most glasses wear. The answer is “NO,” you cannot use the same prescription for contacts and glasses. Because contacts require extra measures for your eyes like doctors need to measure diameter and base curve for the perfect fit. Whereas glasses are places away from your eyes. Therefore different measures are considered to check perfect eyeglasses for you. In addition, correct eye measures for lenses help to fit well comfortably in the eyes. Some of the other key details found in prescription are:

• Best brand for your eyes that will also improve your eye vision.
• Details of the base curve contain your eye lens and curves in mm.
• Width of your lens in mm.
• Power required for your eye’s best health.

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Keep in mind that that Astigmatic wearer requires extra cylinder and axis measurements, whereas Presbyopic wearers need to confirm addition and dominance measurements. All these details are provided by opticians only.

2. What Are The Different Types Of Contact Lenses?

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When you need to choose contact lenses, there is a huge variety of contacts available in the market. You just need to choose the right type from a good quality brand. Some of the common types are:

  1. Daily disposable: These lenses are the perfect choices that do not want to pay much attention for day to day contact care. You just need to wear a fresh piece in the morning and remove it in the evening. There are the least chances of eye infection after wearing daily disposable lenses. Bear in mind the brand and its quality.
  2. Monthly Disposable: These lenses are a great choice for regular lenses wearer. These lenses cost less than daily disposable lenses. But you will need to take good care of these lenses.
  3. Extended wear lenses: These lenses have a longer life than daily and monthly contacts. But you cannot sleep with these lenses, and it will be better not to extend lens life without doctor’s consultation.
  4. Toric lenses: Toric lenses are designed for people suffering from astigmatism. Therefore, power and strength vary from individual to individual. But you can choose any category from daily disposable, monthly, or other types of lenses.
  5. Multifocal contact lenses: These lenses are designed for people having presbyopia due to the aging effect. But you can again choose Multifocal contact lense as daily disposable or from extended contacts category.
  6. Colored lenses: These lenses are in high demand due to the availability of fashion shades. Colored lenses fit just like other regular lines and available under daily and monthly disposable lens types.
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Remember, whether you are buying power or fashionable Contact lens online Singapore, always consider complete eye examination from Optometrist.

3. Can I easily switch from Daily to Monthly lenses?

Even if you re switching between the same brand contact lens types, you will still need a prescription. Because, with the change in type, lens size also varies. So, always fix an appointment with the doctor before moving to another brand or lens type. With this, it’s quite common that your family members or friends will recommend you for the lenses they are wearing. Bear in mind, everyone’s eyes have their own measurements. One lens may not be suitable for another’s eyes due to variation in a base curve, power, or diameter.

4. How long can I use a contact lens?

The life of contact lenses is better defined by an optometrist. But if you are using daily disposable lenses, you can reuse the same lens after removing it. As its life is only for one time wearing and you need to discard every time after using it.

You can wear a monthly lens continuous 30 days. But this does not mean you can sleep with these lenses. You will have to remove lenses in the evening and put them in case. Similarly, extended wearing lenses can last for six nights. Once the period is over, you need to replace them with the same brand new lenses.

5. What Is The Best Way To Look After Your Lenses?

Taking good care of contact lenses is essential, especially when you are wearing extended contacts. This will protect your eyes from infection, redness, discomfort, swelling, and other issues. In addition, with regular use, bacteria accumulates on your lenses in the form of dirt. This will start affecting your vision. Therefore, do not forget to follow below-mentioned contact care tips:

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• Always wash your hands before wearing or removing lenses
• Use doctor’s recommended contact lenses solution for better care
• Replace the case after three months to destroy the effects of bacteria and other accumulated particles.
• Do not use tap water to clean your lenses
• Never go swimming with lenses in lakes, pools, oceans, or other micro-organisms contaminated areas.
• Get in touch with optician if you have any eye trouble.
• Review your prescription every year.

Bottom Line

I hope the above mention tips ables you to answer all questions regarding contacts. Still, if you have a query, fix an appointment with an eye doctor for better advice. Bear in mind, if you have presbyopia, do not be a self doctor and multifocal contact lenses. Always take the recommendation and written prescriptions from a doctor.

Thank you for reading this write-up. You can share more questions in the comment section. We are glad to answer.

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