5 must have features of mobile app for organic food store

This generation is crazy about organic products as it is safe for mankind and for the environment. It is the ‘new cool thing’ and the market is constantly expanding. Thus, an app with distinguished features can do wonders for your organic food store. Having an app for any online store today ensures further success. Thankfully, affordable and efficient WooCommerce mobile app builder tools have made mCommerce more accessible to all businesses, big or small.

However, if you are thinking about getting an app, emphasize the quality and features. Read further and discover the five must-have features for a perfect mobile app for an organic food store.

Organic products are the new niche

Organic industry, including food, grocery, and cosmetics, is being received warmly by people worldwide. As discussed above, millennials are treading the path of their ancestors and switching to organic solutions, setting the industry on a growth trajectory.

The demand for a healthy and quality living is soaring and organic products are being considered as the best alternative to everything synthetic, polluted and plasticized. As an organic food store owner, you have plenty of options to offer. Organic fruits & vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts & seeds, dairy products and more, are all in demand and gaining immense popularity.

It is estimated that the global organic food and beverage market will reach USD 323.56 billion by 2024. While the developed nations are already huge markets of organic products, the demand potential is constantly increasing in developing countries like India and China. 


  • Organic farming boosts a healthy ecosystem and promotes green-living.
  • Organic crops are safe due to less or no use of artificial boosters & pesticides.
  • Organic products are best suitable for kids, patients, and sensitive people.
  • Organic food is healthier and often has healing properties.
  • Organic food is nutritious and does not cause health hazards.
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Due to the immense potential of this market, organic store owners are getting apps to expand their reach and make most of this already profitable business. Even bloggers, who are enlightening people about organic living, are seeking the refuge of mobile app builder for WordPress websites to widen their reader-base and increase their revenue.

5 vital ingredients for the recipe of success

The advent of mobile apps has led to a technological revolution globally. With billions of mobile phone users around the globe, apps have taken every industry by storm and the rise of mCommerce is bound to strengthen in the coming years. Every business, and especially the organic industry, is complementing websites with apps to trap the online market that is being ruled by the tech-savvy millennials.

Before you proceed to get an app for your organic store, make sure that your app builder offers quality features and timely delivery.

Look for the following must-have attributes in your online app creator:

1) Quality Native App:

People spend more time and money on apps. To encourage this loyal buying behavior, your app must be efficient enough to keep your customers tied. Only settle for native mobile apps for Android & iOS, as it utilizes the resources of the device and performs the best.

2) Tempting Design & Layout:

Organic products must also look ‘organic’ in order to win the confidence of online shoppers as they buy what they see. Ensure tempting design and layout and personalize the screens, pages and banners to retain your brand identity and build recall value.

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3) Intuitive Builder-Dashboard:

The DIY mobile app creator should have a builder-friendly interface to make the process easy. Do not fall for complicated tools. Fetch a friendly app builder platform that guides you through the app building process and provides ample tips and tutorials for support.

4) Content Marketing Support:

Look for a dynamic and premium app builder where content marketing support comes in handy. Features like CMS page integration and in-built push notification dashboard can aid in content marketing. It helps in enhancing your app’s visibility and desirability.

5) Free App Preview:

Before investing your money and putting the app out for users, you should be satisfied with what you’ve built. Get an app builder that allows you to test your fully functional app on a real device for free. You can proceed to upgrade and publish the app thereafter.

Devise a post-production strategy

Besides building a full-fledged app, you must also make the strategy for getting a power-packed launch. The initial downloads determine your app’s future and strengthen the road to return on investment. You can adopt the following practices:

1) Publicity:

Build a hype around your app launch and engage your existing users. You can also indulge in Influencer Marketing by roping in celebrities, Social Media Marketing or multi-platform advertisements. Strategized publicity helps in getting widespread recognition for your brand. Besides increasing your sales, it also boosts app downloads. 

2) A/B Testing:

It helps you in getting the first-hand user feedback and input. You can know what works well for different audiences and thus enhance your app quality for better. A/B testing is done by all app owners to ensure that the app is ready for people to download and use. It helps in determining loopholes and hence makes your app free of flaws.

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3) App Store Optimization:

It is the go-to technique for boosting your app’s ranking on the store. Gain more visibility and get more app downloads by optimizing the app content and attributes. You can search for an app builder that also provides App Store Optimization services and get it all under one roof. Investing in ASO is a smart strategy and strengthens your app’s scope.

4) White-labelled Solution:

In order to gain brand exclusivity, you can ornament your app with this feature. It will remove any third-party branding from the app and impart more authenticity. White labelled app solution is opted by all leading brands of e-commerce or WordPress websites. It gives users the impression that your app, just like your brand, is your own product and offering.

5) Referrals:

Referral marketing is one successful branding and advertisement process that helps you get more authentic promotion and rewards you with loyal customer base. Remember, your entrusted existing customers are more beneficial than new ones. Reward them for referring your organic store app and use them as brand advocates for more visibility and free publicity.

Level up the game now

By now, you are certainly aware of the viability of having a mobile app for your organic store. It is now time for you to turn your website into app and cash the benefits. Get an app builder that ensures integration of all the features discussed above and delivers your app in no time. Fathom your budget and target audience and proceed accordingly.

Your organic food products have the quality to tap into the online market and allure customers for purchase. Get an app for your store and smoothen the road to your success. Go ahead and contribute in making the world healthier, safer and greener. 

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