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5 Reasons Why You Should Learn Data Analytics Now!

Analytics is everywhere! Whether it’s planning the aviation route or building customer loyalty programs for retail shops, analytics has entered every sphere of the industry. Manufacturing plants are using analytics to predict maintenance time for machines. 

This increasing adoption of analytics in the industry is a testament to the future demand for data and analytics skills for all roles in the future. The skills to work with data in the future won’t only be valuable, but a necessity. Steadily, therefore, demand for data analytics will grow in the coming years. This is one of the major reasons higher education universities have started offering courses and programs in data science. Global universities and educational institutions offer undergraduate and graduate programs in analytics. Here are five reasons why everybody should learn data analytics. 

Improve problem-solving skill

Problem-solving skill is the most sought-after skill in the industry. It is required in all jobs. Learning problem-solving skill helps you perform well in all job roles. The ability to think analytically and approach problems in the right way is extremely important, not only in career but every sphere of life as well. 

According to Venture Beat, the ability to look at data and guess a conclusion is the most valuable skill in the industry. Unfortunately, it is also one of the skills that are missing among the workforce.

High demand

This is perhaps the most obvious benefit of learning data analytics and is often the one most focused on higher education students. Data analysts are valuable and with the shortage in talent, the value of data analytics is expected to increase. As more and more companies adopt data analytics to meet their business goals, the value of data analytics will only increase. Data analysts will be revered and command high respect in the industry. 

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This is one of the reasons why data science certificate is equally popular amongst the newest generation of the workforce and seasoned professionals, looking to acquire skills and climb on the data analytics bandwagon.

Analytics is everywhere

Apart from the financial benefits offered by the increasing adoption of data analytics, it also offers plenty of other benefits. This means people now have the opportunity to work in different industries and also have the opportunity to travel the world. While many organizations look to capitalize on the increasing popularity of Big Data, it is an exciting time to start a career in analytics.

Importance of analytics is steadily growing

 With the amount of data increasing every day, it’s now possible more than ever to derive insights that weren’t possible earlier. This will primarily increase the value of data analysts and open up new job opportunities and career progression options for them. Therefore, now is the perfect time to learn analytics and start a career in it. 

The importance of data science can be gauged from the fact that many education officers have started to pitch the idea of introducing analytics as part of the school curriculum. Given the rise in demand for data analytics skills, short-time duration courses, and data science certificate programs has gone up.

A diverse set of skills

 From afar it may look like, data analytics requires working with data and solving problems. But this is far from the truth, data analysts are also required to convey their complex ideas into easily understandable bites to people who aren’t experts. This communication skill is a crucial part of the role. Along with being a part of the organizations’ decision-making team, data analysts often pick up leadership skills. 

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Overall, there’s no doubt data science is going to be a crucial part of enterprises. Getting ahead of the curve by learning analytics will pave way for success and equip analysts with transferrable skills that help in every facet of life.

Final words

Data analytics has emerged as a powerful tool for organizations to empower their business and approach decision making more cautiously. It’s a new age skill; learning it will make you a valuable and respected professional in the industry. Not to mention, an increasingly good pay check that follows you as your analytics career prospers.