5 Tips Why You Should Visit Havana in 2020

Havana in Cuba is no typical city it features a unique mix of colonization processes and migration influxes coupled with its creative and political developments makes it stand out peculiarly in entire Latin America as well as in the world.

If you planning a vacation in the Caribbean and want to add a little bit of history, art, stunning natural landscapes as well as plenty of moments to relax and forget about the world, then you should consider Havana as your next holiday destination.

1. To Delve Into the Culture

Cuba is an engrossing country culturally, located in the Caribbean and contrasting from its neighbors, which were British, French, and the Dutch colonies in the past. It has also similarities with various other Spanish territories in Latin America.

This is because of the country’s very peculiar history which is heavily influenced by the American culture by nearly half a century (1898 – 1958), decades-long connections with Socialist countries after 1959, and the consequent outcome of cultural globalization throughout the country.

2. To Sail Around the Caribbean

Havana is an ideal starting point for a sailing trip around the country. Several yachts and catamarans dock at the Hemingway Marina and offer some excellent Caribbean sailing deals at every price point.

Most tourists are fascinated by Havana’s unique architectural and cultural allure, but for an ardent boatman, there is more to see when sailing in Havana on a yacht or a catamaran.

On the western side, you will see the Guanahacabibes National Park, a stunning natural reserve with shallow waters as the lagoon is hosts around 100 lakes and a natural habitat for marine turtles.

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3. To Chill at Stunning Beaches

Cuban beaches are stunning from virgin beaches, beautiful sand beaches along with with the northern coast natural wonders like Bibijagua Beach featuring black sand beach there is plenty to choose from. Plus, you don’t have to stay at a beach resort away from the city to enjoy them.

Havana is only 10 minutes away from Playas del Este which starts the long strip of beaches and you can easily blend your city explorations with a quick beach getaway in Maquina.

4. To Cherish Local Architecture

Cuba is home to some beautiful architectures built in the colonial period and attracts numerous tourists throughout the year.

From enormous stone fortresses constructed by the Spanish royalty to safeguard its assets from the New World to the lavish constructions built in the early 20th century to show off the country’s prosperity after getting its autonomy from Spain, the country’s architecture holds some of the most influential illustrations of architectural designs in the world that also includes Baroque and the Art Deco.

Havana also features some of the must-see architectures including stunning churches, palatial homes, squares, and former government buildings.

5. To Explore Historical Places

Being the country’s main political hub, Havana is home to several government houses and public squares where important events that have built Cuba’s recent history have occurred.

Whether it is the anti-colonial Grandstand around the embassy of the United States where Cuban public demanded the return of Elian Gonzalez or the Revolution Square where Fidel Castro delivered some of his most prominent speeches steering Cuba in a new direction in the early 1960s, there’s plenty of other places of historical significance to visit around the city.

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