5 useful tools for teaching online

There is power in simplicity – for both your pupils and yourselves – in this time of unprecedented complexity. When it comes to putting your classrooms online, the goal should be to simplify as much as possible; you want students to focus on the content and their learning, not on the glitz and glam of a new app or website. Firstly, for teaching online, you require an excellent educational app or website that allows you to use various tools. After this, here are five tools that you can incorporate right away into your arsenal. All of them are free to use, with premium upgrades available. And they’re all beneficial to pupils of all ages.

  1. Online Whiteboard

An online whiteboard is highly user-friendly and versatile; it’s essentially a blank sheet of paper that can be used for anything when teaching online. For example, teachers can make a whiteboard and post a prompt or question. Students can fill it with their comments, including images from the web or their device, camera shots, voice recordings, screen recordings, on-screen drawings, or a physical location. Teachers might also invite students to create a whiteboard on which they can present their studies alone or in groups.

2. Screen And Video Recording Tool

You’ll be making videos now that you’re teaching online. These could be greeting messages for your website, lecture recordings, assignment explainers, or responses to student work. As a result, you’ll need an easy-to-use programme that lets you capture what’s on your screen and yourself via the camera. With an easy-to-use web-based tool, you can accomplish just that.

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3. Video Remixing Tool For a Better understanding

Students are watching more videos to supplement their learning, which necessitates a method of ensuring that they comprehend what they are seeing. As teachers, we need a technology that allows you to show your pupils only the finest of that content. You require a video editing, remixing, and activity embedding tool that will enable you to modify and customise information from various sources. Then, using a unique URL, you may share your customised video with others.

4. Video Discussion Forum

A video discussion forum is a web and app-based technology that allows teachers to submit prompts and students to answer to them and one other via video. Words on a screen may not be able to connect us in the same way that this gadget does.

5. Digital Learning Tool

A Digital learning tool is an intuitive web-based application and an app for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, and Android smartphones. It allows teachers to create digital lessons and students to exhibit and curate their learning. Pupils can use the app to draw, write, record, and take photos, and teachers can track their students’ skill growth over time (with an upgrade). This programme will allow you to run your entire class from one location. Unlike other creation platforms, this application will enable students to reflect and explain what they’ve learned and teachers to provide feedback to students and, if wanted, families. It also serves as a beautiful exhibition of student learning, which is critical in these times when we want students to be able to demonstrate what they know and can do. Even better, teachers get access to a selected activity library.

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