5 Ways to revolutionize your social media posts through video applications

Social media used to be simple but due to the growth spurt within the industry in the recent decade, it has become a necessity to create and publish content that is visually appealing. Social media platforms have become more crowded and therefore it has become harder to grasp their attention; quality content is required to ensure that people stop scrolling through the internet long enough to view yours. According to marketing experts, visual stimulation is an effective method to engage viewers.

And to assist you with this cause, there are several applications that create enthralling videos that can help businesses. Here’s a list 5 applications that can be used to transform your social media posts outlook.

  1. Canva:

Canva is a well-known tool amongst graphic designers. Canva has been in use by video animation companies and marketers to create unique flyers, social media posts, cards for businesses and many more. Canva recently launched a new version that allows users to incorporate the application for animation in six different styles, some of the effects are free and some charge a little fee. This feature provides an opportunity to businesses to stand out by enabling them to create quality content easily without hindrances. The best part about this tool is that it can be used by those who have never used graphic designing applications, the mechanics have been built in a way that makes Canva user-friendly. Once the design is complete, you can download it in either GIF or movie format, depending on how you and where you want to use it.

  • Spark video:
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Spark video is known for its exceptional services. The tool is entirely free of cost and made by a credible software company that stands top at what they do. Spark video is easy to use and creates exceptional videos that may incorporate your own graphics, clips, icons, images, and text. It offers an option to add other graphic designer’s works that are present within the adobe library.

The platform offers number of themes that are not charged; thus making it easier for the user to create videos that have a professional feel to it, refined and adept. It does not end there, the application has a free music feature that enables the user to add audio to their animation as well.

  • Crello:

Crello is a similar application to that of Canva, the ease of functionality lies on the same level. The only difference between them is that Crello offers a feature that allows users to completely customize their animations. The application provides with complete templates that can be used to create video content for social media. You’ll only be required to add texts, save and upload your video on the given side of your preference.

  • Lumen5:

This application is one of the best options for businesses that require regular content as a part of their marketing. It is obvious that any business would want their content to be engaging and captivating for their viewers and that is where this application comes into action. According to a survey, Lumen5 allows users to turn contents present within blogs into videos that can be displayed easily. The application is free; it uses the images and words form your work which then can be customized accordingly to create a one whole video. You can make your video as interesting as possible to influence your audience to stay till the very end of your video.

  • Quik:
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This application is efficient when it comes to its uses. It works on both devices IOS and Android, providing ways to efficiently piece together videos into movies. Even if the video is only a few seconds long, it will still make a difference on how engaging your content gets. It has a wide selection of templates that can be used to customize the video content without occupying your time and effort.

Animated posts can be used in many ways, may it be through GIFs or videos; they make a difference on social media platforms, bewitching viewers and retaining their interests.

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