5 Wedding Gift Ideas for Him and Her

Wedding is one such event that doesn’t repeat itself. It is a big day that anyone wants to cherish. Gifts are those items that make someone’s big day more special because that’s what they are for. Gifts are always cherished as they symbolize love and respect. But, the real deal is deciding on what to gift, a gift that is unique and someone can use. A gift is useless when it can’t be utilized and kept in storeroom packed.

Here are 5 wedding gift ideas that you can benefit from:

Jewellery Box

Every girl loves jewellery and it makes a great gift for girls. Why not gift a beautiful jewellery box? Where she can keep her favourite jewels and family heirlooms safe. If you are really out of ideas and want to gift something that’s unique and useful too, gift your best friend a beautiful designed or carved antique jewellery box on her big day. It’s comparatively cheaper than other luxury gifts and she’d absolutely love it.

There are different ideas to go with like a jewellery box with compartments, drawers, ring rolls, lid mirror and personalized wooden, glass or metal boxes.


A classic timepiece is a great gift for any special occasion anyway. Wristwatches are something that works for both men and women. That’s totally up to what type you prefer, sleek leather strap watch, two-tone chain watch or a sophisticated bejewelled ones with a feminine look. Never go for a cheap copy of a luxury watch, it might turn the opposite of what you expected. There are many watch brands in Pakistan to buy from. Don’t make a blind leap of faith, choose with great consideration because you are buying it with the intention of gifting it someone with which you can’t go wrong. It’s a great gift choice for seniors or officials.

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Home Appliances

Well, it’s quite off the idea of the conventional present but this is a great idea to with for your friends for sister’s wedding. Later, when she will set it up in her new home and use it, it will remind her of you and that’s what gifts are for. If you are planning to help with your friend’s dowry or your mother is arranging dowry for your younger sister, home appliances like LED TV, microwave oven, refrigerator, electric kettle, kitchen appliances, aroma lamp and many other items would make a great deal for it.

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It is another great for a wedding gift. Crystalware items are stuff made of glass or crystal. Crystalware look decent, classy and beautiful. Crystalware includes crystal or glass bowl, tray, vase, glass set, jewellery box, ashtray, holders lamps, spice jars and many more items. Vintage crystalware accentuate the look and make great stuff for home decoration.

Curated Gift Box

Curated themed gift box is a new gift trend. What’s great about these boxes is that you can personalise it and make it according to your friend’s taste. There are so many ideas you can work with.

For men, you can curate a grooming kit, shaving kit, quintessential box containing a wallet, pen, keychain, lighter, perfume, cufflinks, tie clip, and so on.

For women, you can design a body and shaver kit, makeup kit, a custom-curated box containing lingerie, perfume, body scrub, essential oil, facial mist, bath bombs and so on. Wrap these nicely and it will make a great wedding gift.

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