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6 Avoidable Mistakes In Appraisal Process

Employers have been using annual performance appraisal as a tool for grading, ranking and measuring employee performance. These are the very basis for promotional decisions and bonus dole-outs. However, making a mistake can prove costly to the morale of the employee. Although formal appraisal training for managers is a must, here is how to avoid them:


Mangers may get biased and that too unknowingly. It is the one thing that you must avoid. Try to do your best to avoid personal biases while conducting the performance appraisals. There is no place for any intentional bias against any worker, gender, the race of the personal style. So, ensure that even unconscious bias should not derail the growth of the organization and affect the morale of the employee.

2-Getting to Extreme

Are you a manager who gets uneasy while giving the feedback? Do you omit even to provide constructive feedback to the employees about the areas of improvement? Then are other managers who leave an employee is a doubtful state about its capabilities.

As a manager, you should give them honest feedback and opinion during the appraisal. Will, you not like the employees to appreciate what you are saying about their performance? Instead of being too positive or negative, think about giving suitable feedback.

3-Not Discussing Pay and Performance

Can you imagine an appraisal without any discussion about the pay? Managers should go prepared to make the discussion about the payment with the employee. So, if you are employing pay for performance, you should be clear about the parameters and process about it. Well, many organizations don’t discuss compensation and goal-setting at the same time. In this way, they want to ensure that the entire process is not affected.

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4-Considering the Most Recent Behavior

When you are evaluating the performance of an employee, you should consider it over the whole duration of the fiscal year. So it is better to maintain a continuous list or file of the employees’ performance. It will give you a fair idea of how he has performed and what were the primary reasons behind the success or failure.

5-Considering Non-Job Related Factors

Do you consider factors like physical appearance, social status or race, etc. while assessing the performance? Bear in mind, any factor that is not related to the performance appraisal should not the process or the pay in any way.

6-Let Halo Effect Play the Part

Do you allow a particular trait of an employee to affect the performance review or taint the entire appraisal? To dissipate this effect, it is advisable to develop an employee performance evaluation grid. It allows you to rate the observable traits and the measurable facts won’t leave any scope for misinterpretation.


These are a few mistakes that the manager musts avoid. To know more, you should attend the appraisal training for managers. It will impart the practical skills that will help you impartially conduct appraisals.

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