6 Essential Pool Accessories

Owning and maintaining your swimming pool requires a certain commitment. So you need certain new pool accessories to help maintain your pool in a healthy state. Accessories make maintenance easier and quicker and are also worth the cost in the long run. Listed below are few accessories to help maintain your pool regularly.

  • Shock

This is perhaps the most important new pool accessories for your swimming pool. Shock is the chemical which helps kill bacteria from your pool water and could be useful in treating the mild case of algae growth too. It also helps clear the water in the swimming pool if it looks cloudy. Shocking pool water regularly is necessary if your pool is receiving hard use.

  • Test Strips For Your Pool

Test strips help to determine the amount of chemical needed to be added in pool water to keep it clean and bacteria-free. These are very easy to use; you simply need to wet the strip for a few minutes in the pool water and the strip will change color. Then all you need to do is to check the color of the strip to the chart that is included in the strip to determine the chemicals to be added if any. It is very important to test your pool water weekly and check whether it smells or not. If your pool smells it is important to test and treat it immediately. These new pool accessories are very important to ensure that the pool water is safe to use.

  • Skimmer
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The skimmer is the must-have tools for your swimming pool. It is a flat net attached to the long pole which allows you to reach out into the pool. These help to pick up debris that is floating on the pool water such as leaves and insects. You could also use the skimmer to reach out to water toys fallen or left in the pool water.

  • Pool Brush For Clean Pool

These are mainly used to clean the sides of the pool. There are varieties of brushes available in the market for concrete, plaster pool, vinyl pool, etc. some pool brushes come with a magnetic edge to find lost jewelry in the pool. These make the work of cleaning the pool a relatively easy job.

  • Pool Covers

Pool covers are other important new pool accessories for your swimming pool. These not only provide safety but also help to save water and energy. These help to keep the pool water clean and maintain water heat. There are varieties of pool covers available in the market and online such as safety pool covers, solar pool covers, etc.

  • Manual Vacuum

The manual vacuum is essential in keeping the pool clean. These are designed in such a way that you could easily reach out to the different corners of the pool. They are also very effective in spot cleaning as well as overall cleaning. Most of the manual vacuum comes with separate hose and pole so you would need to buy the hose separately or you could also use skimmer pole.

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These accessories are functional and will help you maintain your pool easily. These are worth investment and are a must-buy for any pool owner. So invest in these accessories so that you could enjoy your pool for a longer period.

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