6 Reasons to Sleep Without Underwear

The habit of sleeping in a certain way forms during our childhood. Someone lived in the same room for many years with their brother and now does not go to bed without pajama, someone had no problems with personal space and can not fall asleep in clothes. Doctors and scientists are on the side of the latter and recommend sleeping naked. We have gathered several reasons to abandon underwear when sleeping.

1. You Will Sleep Better

The quality of sleep largely depends on body temperature. We often hear that a person falls asleep better in a cool room but the room temperature should be neutral, not warm nor cold. Lingerie, tight pajamas, a blanket can create overheating and disrupt the body’s natural thermoregulation. As a result, it becomes more difficult for a person to fall asleep and their sleep will be restless.

The fact that the rejection of linen and clothes at night has a positive effect on the quality of sleep has been repeatedly confirmed by scientists. It is worth to note that if the air temperature in the room is below 75 degrees and the blanket is thin then additional insulation will not hurt. If the heating in the apartment is quite intense, giving up linen would be a good idea.

2. Better Skin Ventilation

Parts of the body hidden under the underwear are rarely “free”. Moreover, the skin there also sweats, irritates, and undergoes constant friction. Even under a warm blanket, the body feels much more open than under clothes. Giving up clothes allows the skin to relax not only from overheating and friction but also from exposure to chemicals and fragrances that can remain in clothes after washing.

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3. Sleep Without Underwear Is Useful for Women with Chronic Infections

According to some doctors, it is especially useful to sleep without underwear for women suffering from vaginal yeast infections, chronic vulvitis or vaginitis as yeast and bacteria breed in dark, warm and humid places. Since the intimate parts of the body are already covered with tissue most of the day, moisture collects in this area, creating the perfect environment for infections.

Refusal of nightwear for such women can become part of the general hygiene regimen. In the afternoon, they should choose loose cotton underwear. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping completely naked, replace your underwear with loose cotton pajamas.

4. Sleeping in a Thong Is Not Safe

Thongs are the most unhygienic type of underwear. If you can not completely abandon them in everyday life, at least do not go to bed in them. Many experts believe that intestinal bacteria are more likely to enter the vagina when wearing thongs and this increases the risk of infection. In addition, a thin strip of tissue can irritate the mucous membrane and lead to inflammation.

5. Blood Circulation Will Improve

The underwear should be free enough so as not to leave prints on the skin and cause itching and other unpleasant sensations. But when the panties are constantly slipping, this also causes a lot of inconveniences. Avoiding underwear with tight elastics at least during the night is especially useful if you often wear tight jeans or skirts.

All these clothes impair blood circulation in the pelvic organs and may cause pelvic pain. When you sleep, you spend many hours without movement so it is very important that the blood circulates freely.

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6. Improve Relationships with Your Body

Seeing yourself naked often and getting used to not hiding from yourself is a very good practice for loving yourself. If you usually do not linger in front of a mirror without clothes, at first you may feel unpleasant and embarrassed and this is how our brain reacts to everything it’s not used to.

Sleeping without clothes is just another way to get to know yourself better. Over time, you will begin to feel more confident and relaxed. The best thing about this practice is that this feeling stays with you even after you get dressed.

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