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6 Tips for Planning a Special and Unique Wedding

One of life’s highlights for many married couples is the day they got married. For couples and guests alike, weddings are often full of unforgettable moments that offer a chance to celebrate the newlyweds. Whether you’re planning your own wedding, or you have been tasked with coming up with the perfect plan for another couple, here are some tips for making it extra special and unique.

Highlight the Love Story

A wedding should be all about the couple and adding in some features related specifically to their love story and journey together is likely to go down exceptionally well with guests.

Explore features such as custom maps from to highlight the destination where the couple met, got engaged, or tied the knot. You might even choose to create a map or storyboard about where they were born and how they came to meet and get married.

Consult Others

If you’re planning the wedding for somebody else, talk to their friends and family members about things that should be included on the day. They are likely to have many ideas and suggestions related to the couple and their shared interests.

Include an Element of Surprise

You can either include something that is surprising for everybody or choose something that is only a surprise for the guests. This is a great way to make the day more memorable and keep everyone talking about the wedding for years to come. Surprises could include theatre or music acts, surprise gifts, special guests, or a trip to a mystery location. Even a surprise specifically for the bride can take the wedding to the next level.

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Make Memories Together

Photo booths are popular party extras, and if you want to have one at your wedding you can take it further by inviting guests to create a scrapbook together. This is a fantastic way to ensure you have photos and memories from the wedding straight away, rather than waiting for professional photographs to come through. It’s also a great way for guests to feel even more involved in the wedding.

Do the Speeches Differently

Wedding speeches are a key part of the big day, with guests anticipating jokes about the groom and compliments for the bride. Consider having the speeches delivered in a slightly different way – such as presenting them in a funny video or inviting any guests to take the floor.

Include Fancy Dress

While some people dislike fancy dress, most people will be happy to get involved when it’s an occasion like a wedding. Having a themed party could involve the bride and groom surprising guests by wearing fancy dress, or if you’ve been given free rein to plan for the couple – ask the guests to arrive in fancy dress instead.

There are endless ways to make a wedding unique and memorable for everyone involved. If you are planning a wedding for somebody else, ensure you are clear on the parameters and boundaries, and take time to learn more about the couple.

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