6 Tips to Generate New Ideas for your Blog

We all have different purposes for writing. Some of us write for a living while others write for digital marketing.

But if we are managing a blog, we always want a fresh idea to include.

Since blogging inspires creativity so we are always in the hunt of creative ideas that keep our readers hooked.

On the contrary, it’s also true that writers sometimes come across the writer’s block which stops them from penning their thoughts.

So, when this happens, know that it’s natural and don’t try to force yourself into writing. 

And if you rush out of ideas, just take a long walk in nature and see how your ideas will start flowing in your mind.

Still, if you feel the block, here are ideas that you can adopt to make your blog worth reading.

Let’s dive in!

Things that Inspires You

We all have that one story, person, book, place or a mentor who inspires us every time we come across.

It can be a book, location, animal or even a person who inspires you with his traits.

Like if you’re reading a book and you found it so inspiring that you started grabbing more books from the author.

Write how it inspires you, what’s the best part of the book and why should people read it.

Things that Makes you Learn

It could be your failure, things that you would have tried, things that make you productive and things you learn from someone else’s story.

You might have tried your luck in a huge company but ended up failing or your friend might be cheating on you.

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If you think real for a short time, you’d have many stories to tell.

Even if you watched a series or movies recently, there will be life lessons in it, you can talk about it and share it with your readers.

The benefit of writing real stories is that people find it relatable and when they connect to your stories, you got more engagements and shares on your blog.

Share your Knowledge

If your niche is digital marketing you can pick the ongoing trends and write about it.

It can be the tips and tricks or tutorials that teach your audience about the ins and outs of digital marketing.

Social media is a vast topic, there’s a lot to write about it, like how to make use of Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and other social networks.

You can write about the designing tips and tricks and if you’re an expert in any other niche, you can also share the knowledge with your audience.

If you own a New York digital marketing agency, you can share stories about your business.


Writing a blog doesn’t mean that you have to stick with writing the text.

And only, you can also design visuals like Infographics, to the point content or videos that clicks your audience.

Blogging welcomes creativity so if you’re bored of writing text, you can switch to engage your audience.

This creativity in your blog will also make your content different from the rest.

The Negative Side

You would have seen social media posts going viral which is completely senseless and spreading the negativity in the environment.

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Therefore, it’s not that you should always stick to the positive side but instead, you can cover the negative side.

write how to make it positive.

These kinds of posts click your audience more as compared to following the ordinary.   

Talk Business

Talking meaningfully about business is equal to getting business. It’s an innovative topic and will get you great engagements on your blog.

The reason why you should focus on business is technology.

And has given the ease to start your side hustle and there’s a surge in the startups making in New York.

So, people are always looking to learn to make their business a great one.

If you’ll share the tips and tricks or teach how to make your venture successful, then your blog will become the focus of the audience’s attention. 

Now, the next time you face a writer’s block, keep these six ideas on top and see how your blog soar to success. Later, come back with results. 

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