6 Tips to Make Your Car Eco-friendly

Nowadays, everyone knows that global warming is a serious problem. Also, we know that living in big cities requires an effective means of transportation. For tons of people that means having a car for their own. That helps to reduce the time spent on public transportation. As well, comfort increases when using an automobile.

If you’re the type of person that worries about the environment, you need to read this. You can make your car eco-friendly. No, no, we are not talking about purchasing a new hybrid car. By doing these simple yet effective tips, you will become greener.

  • Get rid of extra weight

If you’re the type of person that has a lot of things in the trunk. Congratulations, this tip is for you! Sometimes because things are on the back of the car, we don’t mind them. Not seeing them is also a big factor for not taking them out. But if you want your vehicle to run more efficiently, then lose this extra weight.

Once a week, check the things you have in the trunk. If something is not necessary, then take it out. That way you will spend less fuel on your trips. As well, check the things that you have on the back seats.

  • Say no to aggressive driving

A lot of people seem to drive like in “Fast and Furious” movies. But this is neither good for your car nor the environment.  If you like rapid acceleration, then you need to stop doing it. It’s proven that driving like that wastes more gas.

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Maybe a reason for rapid acceleration is that you don’t go out with enough time. Next time use a chronometer, document the time that you take from your house to the places you frequently visit the most. That way you can take enough time to go out of your house.

  • Try these methods to wash your car

With these tips for washing your car, you will be the queen/king of an eco-friendly car.

  • Use a hose with a nozzle or a bucket.
  • Collect rainwater for washing your automobile.
  • Reuse the water you use to wash your clothes for washing the car.
  • Buy ecologic shampoo for cars.

I know that they seem like something very obvious. But believe me, they can impact in a good way to the environment. Remember that wasting water is one of the main issues world-wide.

  • Don’t use AC indiscriminately

Remember that using the AC wastes fuel. There are times that with the windows open and because of the car speed, you don’t need to use this feature of your car. First of all, try all the options to counteract the heat without it. Some of them are taking off your jacket, using lighter clothes, or lowering the windows.

Also, you can try with window tints. They reduce the sun’s heat, so it will be really helpful with this task.

  • You don’t need your car for every trip

We know that going by car to every place is comfortable. But do you really need to use it all the time? There’re plenty of places that for sure are near your home, like local stores or maybe the house of a good friend. You can try to walk there. It will help you to stay healthy, and also, will help the world.

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Maybe you don’t like walking a lot. Consider trying to take a ride on a bike. It’s funnier and you will arrive faster than walking. As well, you can use rollers or skateboard.

  • Do you check your tyre pressure often?

This is an easy one. You just need to check the pressure of your tyres monthly. That way you will assure that they’re working effectively. How does that help the environment?

Well, it will boost your fuel economy, for sure.

If checking the tyre pressure task goes out of your mind every time, then put a reminder on your phone every month. Like that you will be certain of when you checked your tyres for the last time.


As now you know, easy actions can impact in a good way. Also, some of these tips will increase your health and your safety while driving. Are you ready to follow this and become a more environmentally friendly person? Also, try buying fuel with additives that will make it work better.

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