6 Useful Pet-Inspired Businesses

Have you noticed how many people nowadays manage to turn their passions into successful businesses? Seriously, who could have thought that make-up lovers will suddenly make money off of their passion for eyeshadows, lipsticks and beauty products. So, if they made it, why wouldn’t you, as an animal lover try and own a business that will allow you to stay close to animals at all times and even earn a few bucks. In the sea of attractive options, we’ve come up with a few that might pique your interest.


Do you love spending as much time with pets as possible? If you’re a true animal lover and you enjoy taking care of pets, feeding them, playing with them and being their companion – becoming a pet sitter could be a wonderful business idea. Whether you have a big yard where multiple pets can hang around, or maybe you’d like to rent a location for it, either way, you can make some serious money doing what completes you the most.

Organic treat maker

If you’ve been paying attention to what kind of foods you’re eating, then you better believe that pet owners do the same for their furry friends. Organic animal treats have become a huge deal, and if you can’t find decent organic animal treats nowhere nearby, there’s an awesome business idea in front of you. Invest in organic treats and offer all the animals the healthiest food choices.

Dog walking

One of the oldest pet-related jobs is dog walking service. Teenagers have been earning their pocket money like that for decades, but now you can turn it into a lucrative business. Having in mind that more and more people are adopting or buying dogs daily, your little start-up will flourish quickly. If you’re already considering this idea, make sure you look up how to start a dog walking business and get all the necessary info about skills, certificates, insurance and other important aspects of starting a business of a sort. If you like to spend time outdoors and don’t mind walking the dogs in whichever weather, this is the job for you. 

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Pet boutique

Pet fashion has gained in popularity tremendously in the last few years, and now everyone wants to dress up their furry friends and make them look even more adorable. Therefore, if you have a knack for fashion and design, and with that, you know how to sew – you’ve got a successful business in sight. Once the brand becomes more popular you can think about hiring seamstresses and expand your business to earn more money. Alternatively, you can decide to order clothes from other parts of the country/world and simply sell them in your store, without the need to make extra effort to make the clothes.

Pet blogger

You know how sometimes you just need a biased opinion from a person who hasn’t been endorsed by a certain company to tell you their honest opinion on a pet-related topic? Well, if you have an affinity towards writing, you’re highly skilled in creative thinking and you would like to share your thoughts with the rest of animal lovers in the world – starting a pet blog would be a great business idea. You can talk about your pet, share your experiences about raising it, going through all sorts of changes, challenges but fun times too. Knowing how much money other bloggers all over the world earn, you can be on the road to becoming a millionaire very soon. 

Obedience expert

Dog trainers are great to make your dog learn how to fetch, jump at a certain command and a few other important skills. However, not every trainer can make a dog listen to every command, including the one to stay, sit, lay down, and so on. This is where an obedience expert comes in. If you’ve noticed that you know the way to a dog’s mind and you’re confident about being able to calm and make any canine not only listen to you but to their owner too, this is the profession for you. Work with both dogs and their owners to teach each of them their respective skills. The owners will know exactly how to instruct the dog to behave, and the dog will know when to play nice if they don’t want to suffer through some slight punishment.

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Final thoughts

Pets are our dearest friends, and if you’ve always been surrounded by a bunch of animals and you want to make a living out of that love, start your own business. The list of businesses we’ve mentioned is simply here to inspire you and offer you introductory guidance, but the possibilities are rather vast and limitless.