6 Ways to Become a Great Role Model for your Kids Alen

6 Ways to Become a Great Role Model for your Kids

Do as I say, not as I do!

Do you expect from your kids to listen when you say that? The reality is, kids are a great imitator and they learn far more from their parent’s behaviour as well as actions than from their words. Being parents, it should be for you to remember this as you live out your lives and lead by example for your kids. But, this doesn’t mean that you should be perfect, but the example you set will have a great impact on the kind of kids you raise –for good or for bad.

Although, there are multiple ways a parent can become a great role model. At the Best Preschool in Noida, we would suggest you follow the six of the most crucial ones you can’t afford to ignore.

6 Ways to Become a Great Role Model

1. Showing respect to other parents.

Being parents, if you are disrespectful with your parents our spouses – talking down to them, ignoring them, or being unkind in how we talk to them or about them, then how can you expect from your children to respect you as parents. As agonizing as it may be, abstain from talking negatively about anyone in front of your children. Kids will do respect that they see in their homes while they are growing up.

2. The way you talk about yourselves.

Don’t count on the possibility that your kid doesn’t hear you criticizing yourself while you look in the mirror. They will see and hear enough in the culture at large as well as from their friends about what they should look like, what they should wear, or the how much they should weigh, yet a parent’s voice holds the most weight. Love yourselves the way you are, or at least choose not to say anything bad about yourself in front of your child.

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3. Giving your undivided attention to kids.

We are living in a fast-paced world. But your kids want you to stop and listen to them. They have big dreams and feelings to express, and they are dying to express them to you. Give them the gift called time and attention, they are yearning for. Your listening will make them feel special and valued more than you might ever know,

4. Limiting their screen time.

This should be done when you are giving them your attention, but it goes beyond that. While parents purposefully reduce their own screen time, it forces them to enjoy the moment with their kids  – to talk to them, play with them, and live life with them.

5. Loving and caring for others.

As parents you tell your children every time that life “isn’t about you,” yet then once in a while you act like life is about us. You need to figure out how to adore your loved ones well. This can look as simple as cooking food for somebody in need. It’s insufficient to simply advise your children not to be selfish. We need to tell them the best way to do that and let them learn with us.

6. Responding to failure, criticism, and conflict with courage

Who you truly are will be clear when you face failure, criticism, and conflict struggle, and your kid will watch to perceive how you respond. You advise your children to persevere, to not stress over what others think, however, this will fail to be noticed if you pursue other’s approval, run away from strife, or let disappointment define you. This doesn’t mean you can’t let your kid see you battle. Let them see you getting fail, and let them see you get back up again.

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At Day Care in Noida, we would like to conclude that when your child grown-up, he won’t recall much of what you said, but he will keep in mind that how you lived.

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