QuickBooks Error H202

7 Best Methods To Fix QuickBooks Error H202

If you want to fix QuickBooks error H202, then you have to follow a few methods. The 7 best ways are mention below that will help you to fix QuickBooks error H202.

QuickBooks is an unbeatable solution that is mostly using by small companies. Many of the freelance professionals are also using it for accounting purpose.

In QuickBooks, lots of features are available such as Multi-user mode. This mode is allowing the users to work simultaneously on the same Company File.

H-Series Errors of QuickBooks is an unavoidable mistake that is influencing because of technological glitches. When the Workstation loses to interact with the Company file, then  Error H202 is occurring.

This Error doesn’t enable users to get access to the company file. This article will help you to evaluate the causes of Error H202.

Below the paragraph, the 7 best methods are mention that will help you to fix QuickBooks error H202. Then you can easily open a company file from the Workstation.

1. Testing And Calibration Of Network Connectivity

A. Open QuickBooks in your all computer networks then click on the File menu. Choose the Utility option and then turn off the hosting.

B. Then Press windows key and type “This PC” on the Computer that is host by QuickBooks.

C. You will see the Network option on the left side of the window panel then double-click on it. It will help you to verify that all network is apparent or not.

D. Ping each Workstation from the Server computer or QuickBooks Host. Start to ping the Server of QuickBooks from the Computer by showing the Error Code H202.

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Remember one important thing that commands for the ping test on Prompt Command. Syntax of ping command: ping (Computer Name), then you have to press the enter button.

Latency in the data and command response indicate the difficulties in the Local Area Network. And the Error Code is H202 that you can quickly fix if you are a little bit tech-savvy.

Many of the time, the network problems do not occur because of hardware. And to fix this problem, the involvement of a QuickBooks Technician is very much significant.

2. Explore Network Problems

If you need to explore network problems, then you have to use QuickBooks diagnostic tool. If you need to fix QuickBooks error H202 then you need to follow the below procedure:

A. Download the QuickBooks Diagnostic Tool and install it from a secure source. Start the tool and scan the Company file folder.

B. When the tool starts running, then it shows the IP address that you need to write down.

C. These tools allow the ports that keep Open Ports Button in the category of firewall Status.

D. Then follow the instruction from Wizard till the process ends. Later on, open the file from Computer where Error H202 is happening.

If the error H202 still exists, then go to the firewall port of QuickBooks to clear the Error H202. A firewall port is available in the security software and Firewall option of your window.

3. Add QuickBooks Server Information In Host File

Host file is situated in (c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc). Remember one thing that uses this method whenever you are getting QuickBooks Error H202 on your computers.

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A. Search for windows file location, which is mention above. Then right-click on the host file and select the open option and select notepad.

B. Then right-click on the Windows. And Scroll the end of the host file and then type your server’s IP Address.

C. Press once the TAB key and then type Server Name of QuickBooks.

D. Later on, press the Ctrl+S button to save the changes in a host file then close the notepad.

Hence, this method is mostly using to clear QuickBooks Error H202.

4. Change Place Of Your Company File

A. To keep your company files safe, you have to create a new folder. Willingly Drive C on your Computer is the best choice.

B. Choose the company file and TLG file from the existing folder. Then press the keys Ctrl + C to copy these files.

C. Then go to the new folder and press Ctrl + V key to copy the file. If it is possible, then open the file in multi-user mode.

5. Arrange Manager Of QuickBooks Database Server

Many of the time, QuickBooks Error H202 is occurring because the Manager of Database Server is not working.  

A. Press the button Windows+R on the keyboard and choose Icon of Services.

B. Then scroll the list of services and choose QuickBooksDBxx (XX indicate the version).

C. Double-click on the QuickBooks services and click the Stop button to off all the service.

D. Select the option service start from the menu. Then open QB and then open the file again.

6. Rename The File

A. First of all, close the QB on your computers. Then open the file of the company on the server computer.

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B. Scan and select the TLG file related to your QB File, and you will also face problems while opening it.

C. Right-click on the TLG file and rename the file. Type ‘old’ after.TLG and press the enter button.

D. Follow the same steps for the ND file and then shut the QB company File Folder.

E. After this step, ND and TLG file will automatically create when you open the company file.

F. Initiate the file again by holding the alternative key until the file open. Then you should not possess Error while opening the file.

If you are using a Computer and facing a problem because of avast, then uninstall avast, and if you don’t know, then click here to get information.

7.Open Control Panel Of Windows

A. The repairs of QuickBooks is complete on all your computers. Close QB from all of your Computers and open the Windows Control Panel.

B. Then select the option Programs and Features. From the catalog of installed programs, choose the QuickBooks and click on the option Change/Repair.

C. Once the repair of QB is finished, then update it to the latest version. You can also check out whether Error H202 repair was successful or not.

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