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7 Dos and Don’ts of Wikipedia You Need To Care About

Wikipedia is a platform that does not require any introduction. We all know that it is the biggest online encyclopedia in the world and even that people are using it for their content marketing purposes. But the platform isn’t as simple as you think, but it is about a million different things to be cared in order to make your Wikipedia page have the approval and have the effectiveness. Here is a list of dos and don’ts that you need to care about while making any progressions on Wikipedia platform.

  1. First things first, you should never pick a topic that is controversial. A controversial topic is not the right choice to be picked for a Wikipedia page. It might even get rejected before the page creation. Wikipedia follows a strict policy of not hurting the sentiments or thoughts of the people around the world with the content on this platform; thus it has not allowed anything controversial on the platform.
  2. Another point to care here is that you should always go for content that is information-based. Wikipedia was launched as an online encyclopedia, and it has stated the same for its future as well. Wikipedia allows information and facts to be posted and nothing else to be brought in the business. Thus, another don’t and do at the same time as Wikipedia is to make the contemplations on creating content that is just about information and fact and is not promoting anything or any brand. Moreover, even if you try to get the same done it might get rejected by the platform, and your page might not make it through to final stage.
  3. One of the major requirements and guidelines of Wikipedia is to reference the content or fact you have presented with the authentic and reliable sources. Without references, the content might not get accepted, and it is a major do of the Wikipedia page creation. However, with regards to sources it should be in the mind of page creators that sources must be authentic with good visitors on regular basis and should be trustable sites.
  4. Another important do of Wikipedia is to keeping editing and updating your page on a regular basis. You can go to a Wikipedia editors service for professional assistance in this domain, but it is important for your page’s effective performance. You need to keep your target market updated about whatever is happening about your topic so that you will have more and more visitors on the page. Also, not managing the page can impact you in bad ways as anyone else can update it and edit it with some information that they think is right.
  5. Keep it simple short and precise is another rule of creating Wikipedia content that you must follow. Well, everyone knows how Wikipedia is, and it accepts the information only so keep yourself out of hassle while creating the Wikipedia page you should keep your content simple, short and as precise as possible. Doing this will get your chances of approval to be increased, and this is something that can help you in not being in the trouble of changing the Wikipedia content time after time.
  6. One of the important dos that most people don’t think about is graphical content in their Wikipedia page. This could be a point that can increase the interest of your readers or visitors. Even Wikipedia has allowed images and graphical content on your Wikipedia page, and thus it could be the best idea to implicate written and graphical content alongside each other.
  7. Don’t add links that are of business or brands. Since marketing and promotion are not allowed at Wikipedia platform thus back linking allow has to be done with the same. Your Wikipedia page must not have the contemplations on adding any such links. This will make your content to be disapproved on the platform.
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These are the 7 points of considerations that you should have in mind while creating a Wikipedia page. Not caring about these points might make you have some challenges and struggles in creating the Wikipedia page. Thus, keep this in mind and consider these.

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