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7 Essential Home Maintenance Tips You Can’t Ignore

Contrary to general behaviour, home maintenance is not required only and only when something goes wrong. Bulky furnace and overflowing gutters are usually our call-to-action, and it is an unmistakably dangerous practice. These emergency calls to service technicians are not so budget-friendly. 

The regular maintenance brings you ultimate peace, keeps you safe and saves your money. 

Here are seven essential home maintenance chores to help you prevent any long-term damage and heavy bills. 

In today’s fast-paced life, you may not have ample time for catching up with home maintenance. Find the best home maintenance services in Lahore, right now. 

Clean Your Gutters

Check and clean your gutters on a regular basis. Follow the practice throughout the year, or be prepared to tackle the accumulated debris and dirt. Also, clean your soffits and fascia. 

Neglecting these areas can also cause leaks, rotting, and other expensive damages. 

Check-in your Air Conditioning & Heating System

The ideal scenario is when you hire an HVAC professional. HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. It is not so hard to find out good home maintenance services in Lahore that provide HVAC services.

Heating, air conditioning or any kind of climate control system operated by circulating hot or cold air through the house. They are a major potential conductor of pollution in the home. Therefore, their periodic cleaning has to be one of the essential components of the home maintenance checklist. 

Change your filters and vents once a month. Filter changing becomes more important when you have pets in the house. Dirty or clogged air filters cannot only result in a breakdown but fire. Be extra careful with the air filters. 

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Luckily, it is very easy to clean the air filters. It is as easy as taking them out and shaking them clean. Brush them off, if too much dirt is there. You may replace it with the new one.

Do not panic if you see condensation gathering on your outer AC unit. Flush this condensate drain smartly with soapy hot water and vinegar. In case condensation appears on the unit again very soon, it is time to seek professional help. Do the same if AC does not cool properly or you notice drips. 

Flush out Clogs

Plumbing systems must run smoothly to prevent leaks and water damage. Address the small clogs as soon as they pop up. 

That also includes removing the hair build-up in your shower. No matter how unpleasant it may seem or feel.  

Let us talk about the toilet. Remove any gunk, that surfaces near the toilet valve.  

Water spots or puddles are often found, beneath the sinks or inside the cabinets. In addition, ensure there are no hidden leaks to address. 

Be very careful about what you put in your garbage disposal. Be informed, that you cannot let the apple go down your drain and expect good results. 

Many other foods can also damage your plumbing system by getting inside a garbage disposal. Fibrous vegetables like celery or asparagus can wrap around the disposal’s blades. Coffee grounds may build up in the plumbing pipes. 

Call the Exterminator Timely

Do not ignore the crawling bugs. Letting these problems intensify can cause major destruction. 

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Wood-eating termites destroy expensive wood materials. Then there are carpenter ants that eat wood. Powderpost beetles create hollowed out spaces in your wood. 

Control the Moisture

Moisture can lead to mould in homes. The mold comes with many health problems. It attracts rodents and insects.

Use exhaust fans in the kitchens and bathrooms to reduce humidity.

Drain your Hot Water Heater

A lot of people do not heed the maintenance of a hot water heater. Minerals may build up at the bottom and force the tank to work harder. That strenuous task would eventually fail the tank one day.

The experts recommend draining your tank from the bottom at least once a year. 

Check the Exterior

Inspect the exterior of your house for signs of wear and tear. Look for decay or damage to the trimming around doors and windows.

This is Not the End

Yeah, to be honest, the home maintenance list has no end.  We mentioned some tasks that have to be done regularly to avoid expensive bills and accidents. 

Mopping the floor, doing the dishes, doing the laundry, etc. The list just goes on. 

Does your hectic job schedule hinder your daily home maintenance tasks?   

Find the best home maintenance services in Lahore, today and feel free to unload your responsibilities.

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