7 Habits That Are Destroying Your Health

There are obvious things that destroy your health such as smoking or alcohol. But besides them, there is still a lot of other things that you encounter daily and for some unthinkable reasons completely ignore them. These habits can completely ruin your health and decrease the quality of life. In order to protect yourself, read the list of harmful habits below and try to avoid them.

1. Putting the Wallet in the Back Pocket

It is not necessary to be a princess to feel the wallet in your back pocket. You will feel it in any case, and not only when there is a lot of money. But besides discomfort, this also carries medical consequences. When you sit on the wallet, this leads to the fact that your buttocks become uneven, which can cause pain in the lower back, upper back, or shoulders. Having a wallet in the back pocket can also irritate the nerves in the lower back and legs.

2. Using a Hand Dryer

Hand dryers in public toilets actually throw fecal microbes back on your hands. Many types of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can settle on dried hands. Such dryers are most often located in large buildings with a huge flow of people, whether it be a shopping center or an airport. Microbes that fly in toilet settle in these dryers and then safely fall on your hands. You will not get a fatal disease this way, but you can easily catch an infection.

3. Sleeping With Contact Lenses On

This definitely does not need to be done and this applies to absolutely everyone. If you wear them regularly, then you should know that sleeping in contact lenses can increase the risk of corneal infection. This can permanently affect your vision and reduce the amount of oxygen in the eye which can cause stress to the cornea.

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4. Eating Before Bed

Even if you are body positive and do not care about your appearance, you should not snack on food before going to bed. Nightly eating can lead to a serious risk of acid reflux and disturb your sleep. There are many things that can cause symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease. One of them is the intake of your favorite night. One Japanese study showed that this is one of the factors that can cause diseases related to your stomach. Do not eat at least 3-4 hours before bedtime and everything will be fine.

5. Washing Your Face Often

Since childhood, every person has been taught to wash their faces every day but not everyone knows how often this should be done. It is extremely important to maintain the correct balance, otherwise, the soap and other cleansers will remove too much sebum. Experts argue that the face should not be washed more than twice a day.

The first time in the morning, immediately after waking up to wash off all the dirt that collected on the skin of the face over the night. The second time you should wash your face in the evening so that before going to bed you remove traces of cosmetics, dirt, and harmful substances that accumulate on your skin during the day.

6. Constantly Chewing Gum

Chewing gum, due to its stickiness, destroys fillings but does not guarantee protection against caries. It loosens crowns, bridges, and healthy teeth. When you chew gum on an empty stomach, it releases gastric juice and it starts to digests itself. This provokes the development of gastritis and ulcers, so it is very important to chew gum only after eating and very briefly.

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7. You Bite Nails

There is a hotbed of all kinds of bacteria and fungi under the nails. The next time you bring your hands to your mouth, imagine how these bacteria are moving into your body. In addition to bacteria and fungi, worm eggs can also be found under the nails. While biting the nail plate, you can damage the tooth enamel, injure the gums, the mucous membrane of the tongue and immediately infect a wound. Without the help of an emergency dentist, such infection can cause periodontal disease or even tooth loss.

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