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7 Must-Ask Questions When Hiring A Limo Service In 2020

Are you planning your wedding? Is it a luxurious date or just an extravagant night out? No matter what your specific motive is, you cannot ignore the need of having a luxurious ride. Especially on occasions like these, you want to feel like a royalty and a chauffeured ride is definitely one thing that you would cherish for years to come.

Renting a limo is always fun whether it is your own wedding or you are going to attend the wedding of your friend. People hire stretch limousine service in Bloomington IN for plenty of reasons. If you are planning to attend a birthday party or a concert and considering hiring a limo service, these 10 are must ask questions from a limo company in 2020.

  1. Do You Have Chauffeurs Or Drivers?

There is a huge difference between hiring a limo service that is driven by a chauffeur and by a driver. When you hire a limo that is driven by a trained chauffeur, you get a premium quality customer service. Chauffeurs or drivers are just not properly attired but they also get proper training by the company how to behave with the customers, how to make them feel special and how to control the various operations of the vehicle effectively.

  • How Many People Can Sit Comfortably?

This is an important question to ask especially if you are a big family and want to attend a wedding in style. The basic purpose of hiring a limo is to enjoy a comfortable ride. There is no difference between other transportations and limo cars if you haven’t enjoyed your journey. When you contact a limo company, do not forget to ask them for a car that gives you breathing room of at least one extra person.

  • How Minimum Time Travel They Can Accommodate?
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People prefer hiring limos mostly for longer stays. Like if they want to attend a wedding, they would rent the limo for a minimum of four to five hours. However, if you need airport transportation, you are supposed to have a minimum travel time on their limo. Before you make a final deal with them, make sure that they provide services for minimum time and also charge accordingly.

  • What Is Their Billing Procedure?

In 2020, it has become quite easy to hire an online service and then pay for that service. If you want your billing procedure to be more seamless and efficient, you need to ask your rental company about the billing procedure in detail before you hire them. Usually, you pay the bill after the service, and there are some companies that take advantage of this by including some hidden charges in the bill. In order to avoid such situations, you must ask everything clearly before you hire them.

  • What Type Of Limos Are Available?

Limo transportation varies from luxury Sedans to Stretch Limos. All the big limo rental companies serving in your area would present you limo options in more than one style. Before you approach them to hire a limo, make sure that you know about different limo types and then find the one that suits your specific needs. You can also directly ask the company if you can have a quick look at their fleet. This is specifically important for events like your own wedding or for prom night.

  • What Amenities You Will Get?
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Limo is one of the most luxurious transportation that people prefer to hire for having a comfy journey. If you are going to attend your prom night with your friends and want to enjoy a glass of champagne while watching your favorite movie on the route, you must rent a limo that comes with a TV, bar or sunroof. These are some of the limo amenities that everybody wants to enjoy. However, the company charges an extra amount for these services. So, it would be better to ask them what additional services they are providing.

  •  What Is Their Cancellation Policy?

Sometimes it happens that you book a car for attending a specific event and then the date of the event changes or you change your mind to attend that event. In that case, the first thing that you should do is the cancellation of the ride. Every limo company has different rules for cancellation. Some of them are going to refund you whereas others will not. If a company asks you to deposit a certain amount in advance, do not forget to ask them about the repercussions, in case you cancel your ride.

Concluding Remarks!

In 2020, you would have noticed that there is a sudden boom in the limo rental industry and you get lots of options when you start your search for finding a limo. Regardless of this fast-paced time, we would recommend you to book your car three to four days before the event.

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