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7 Signs When You Require Root Canal Treatment

Oral health is directly associated to that of your overall general health. This is why, it is very important to account any oral or dental problems as soon as possible to maintain your overall wellbeing. For most of the dental issues, root canal treatment is performed to eliminate the infection completely otherwise any tooth infection has a tendency to cause serious injury or cavity in the teeth.

However, it becomes very difficult even for your dentist sometimes to determine whether you actually need a root canal treatment or not. Look at 7 dental signs when you must visit your dentist to know if you need root canal or not.    

  1. Tooth Pain

    The most usual sign when you may require root canal treatment in London is intolerable tooth pain. Most often, it is the pain which you will experience in your surrounding gum lines rather than in the specific tooth. This pain represents that your nerve close to that specific tooth gets damaged completely. It may also associate with an intense sensation while biting or chewing down the food.

    Even if you touch the affected tooth you can experience the pain at the same time. Obviously, there are a certain kinds of tooth and oral pain. Whenever the pain is associated with any discomfort, you must visit a dentist immediately. Root canal is only performed by checking your dental problem thoroughly and if the pain is stabbed and quite sharp as well.
  2. Sensitivity to Cold or Hot

    Are you feeling sensitive while drinking cold or hot beverages? It is also an indication that any nerve close to any teeth gets infected. However, there are many people with slightly sensitive teeth and they feel it while eating or drinking anything cold or hot. But if any infection occurs, the sensitivity will be more intense and you may have to undergo root canal treatment.
  3. Swollen Gums

    Inflammation is quite common in gums and it can be happened due to a number of oral issues including Gingivitis, oral injury and stuck of foods in your gum line. If swollen gum is noticed in a particular tooth’s base, then it may lead to a severe oral issue and clear indicator of a critical infection.

    As inflammation is common for any acute oral infection any issue such as Gingivitis can lead to the sudden widespread of gum swelling. If you once notice gum swelling, you must keep your eye on it. If it persists for a long time, then you must visit your dentist for the endodontics treatment in London.
  4. Sores on the Gums

    Canker sores can happen on your gums due to overconsumption of hot beverages or acidic foods. But normally, it gets eliminated on its own. But all of sudden if any bacteria attack the infection; it will become severe and promotes the formation of pimples below the gum line’s surface. Along with time it will tend to form white bumps consist of bacteria.

    If it is the result of infected teeth, then there is a high chance of its reoccurrence and usually, associated with pain. You must treat it as soon as possible otherwise it can increase its size and severity. Even, you will not get the proper taste of your food due to the build up of a large number of bacteria.
  5. Chipped Teeth

    If any oral injury happened to you previously that end up with chipped teeth, then you are highly susceptible to get an infection. It is so; because bacteria can easily create build up in the softer tissue by penetrating deep of your tooth’s base.

    That is why it is essential to treat your chipped teeth by visiting a dentist immediately. It will prevent your dental health from further infection. Even a small chipping mustn’t be avoided as it can get vulnerable on time.
  6. Discolouration

    Discolouration of tooth can happen due to a number of dental issues. The key causes of it are bad oral hygiene and tooth staining due to cigarettes, tea and coffee. Tooth discolouration can be the prime cause for nerve damage at the same time.

    Due to an infection in the tooth’s nerve its pulp gets discoloured and as a result your teeth lost its natural whiteness. Dental cavity can be another cause for the discolouration of the tooth. As sometimes, it cannot be noticed it will spread and become more severe.
  7. Prolonged Tooth Decay

    Once you have had dental cavity, it becomes very hard to get rid of the issue completely. At some point of time, even flossing and brushing will not work at all. Only a dentist can treat this dental problem completely which is why you have to book an appointment to get the right treatment on time.

    If left untreated for a long time, then it will spread within the other teeth’s root and severely affected the nerves. At that time, only a dental crown and root canal treatment can protect your dental health efficiently.
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Treatment of root canal in London will be performed for removing the infection. Then a dental crown will be provided so that it can protect your tooth from further tooth decay.

Now, consider your dental problem with the above-mentioned ones. If you find that your problem gets matched with any of these, you are eligible for root canal treatment. Fix an appointment with your dentist to undergo the necessary treatment. Even after getting the treatment you have to undergo regular cleanings and dental checkups for proper maintenance of your oral hygiene.

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