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7 simple hacks to totally rock your car’s A/C maintenance in Dubai!

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With the dreadfully hot month of June underway, the importance of your car’s AC system grows multifold. Losing car’s, A/C in summers, especially in a country like the UAE can be no less than a nightmare. Temperature inside may rise to as high as 40-degree Celsius, and you cannot afford to have car’s AC act up in such a scenario of hot commute. Most people avoid going to mechanics for A/C maintenance in Dubai as it costs one a fortune. This article therefore briefs you about some hacks to perform at home that can save your expenses. 

  1. Maintain regular cleaning of car’s engine radiator 

With long usage the engine radiator of your car can build up waste deposits from excessive heat and dirt, which in turn would damage the cooling system. This would certainly affect the normal working condition of the AC. Thus, to avoid this situation, make sure to clean the radiator of your car after every 3 months. 

  1. Use recirculation mode more than fresh air system 

While turning on the AC system of your car, use recirculation mode as much as possible. That’s because, this mode is quick and strong enough to provide improved efficiency and block the entry of dirty air or unpleasant smell from outside.  

  1. Clear away debris 

Dirt and moisture are two of the major culprits that cause plague in your car’s AC unit. Hence, make sure to vacuum clean all carpets and mats of your car properly every week to ensure that the AC duct and vent inside it do not attract any dust particles from outside, thereby remaining clean and providing a better cooling. 

  1. Replace or clean the air filter duct 

You can either replace or clean the air filter of AC with water, that is located below the dashboard of your car. Make sure that you get the filter cleaned during regular car servicing. Especially at this time of the year, take a proactive stance towards getting it cleaned before the temperature rises! 

  1. Turn on car’s A/c once in a week 
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It is recommended to run the air conditioner of your car once a week for about 10 minutes to maintain gas pressure so that compressor works properly. When you do this, make sure to turn it to its highest fan speed and coolest setting. 

  1. Leave it in defrost mode for a few minutes 

Run defrost mode for about 5 to 10 minutes. This helps to prevent mildew and cleans out excessive moisture that leads to unsavory odors in your car. 

  1. Pay attention to weird sounds made by the car’s compressor  

Unusual sounds coming from compressor generally indicate issues with the drive belt, liquid refrigerant, loosening of mounting bolts that secure the components of AC, or even equalizing of pressure. If this happens do not delay! Just drive your car immediately to your nearest auto service center in Dubai to get a proper car A/C maintenance done! 

Although some air conditioner problems can be resolved using common tools, yet more complex problems require testing, scanning and specialty tools, something, not every car driver owns. Your little ignorance can do further damage to the air conditioning system. So, if none of these above hacks appear to fix the troubles, head to ZDEGREE-one of the best and trusted car A/C repair workshops in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain for an in detailed A/C maintenanceZDEGREE’s highly skilled technicians make sure to solve all your car’s A/C related problems at competitive rates, so that you can enjoy summer at its best in the streets of the UAE!