7 Tips for Designing Logos That Don’t Suck

Do you think that designing a logo is so simple? The fact is that it is not so easy. If you have simply drawn a circle and put your name on it then it does not mean that a logo has been created. You have to think carefully before designing a logo. There are so many reasons for the high demand of logo designers of good quality. If a trade is using a logo then the consumer’s thinking about the items of that trade, decisions of purchasing those items and his perception about the brand are all impacted by it. Now I will give you 7 tips for designing logos that don’t suck.

1.It should be simple and stupid ideas can be used – The identity of your brand can be defined quickly and easily if the logo is simple. The people can be delighted so much even after seeing a symbol that is so common. For example, the symbol used for the logo of Apple could be so common. But a bite is present on that symbol which makes it different from all other logos or we can say that it makes the logo unique.

2.For keeping balance a grid system can be followed – If a logo has to be designed by you then you should always think about the symmetry. Your logo can be kept balanced if a grid system is followed by you. By doing this scalable design can be made, unwanted clutter can be removed and a visual hierarchy can be maintained.

3.Smart utilization of negative space – A remarkable message about your brand can be reflected by a logo that uses negative space in it. A nice example where negative space is used brilliantly is the logo of FedEx. Some other examples are the logos of Spartan Golf Club and NBC. You will see a spartan and a peacock in these logos if you have a closer look of these. So, being a designer, you can be successful if the art of negative space is mastered by you.

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4.Use of right colors in the logo – If we put a red color instead of blue in the logo of Facebook, will it look good? Similarly, if blue color is not used and pink color is used in Twitter’s logo, will it look good? Answer in both cases is that it will not look good. It is a fact that the colors play a very important role in designing a logo. You should choose that color for your logo which best suits your brand.

5.A double entendre can be used – A double entendre means double visual effects. Let us take the example of the logo of Spartan Golf Club. Two identities are represented by this logo in a visual manner. It represents a Spartan and a golf player. Meaning of the brand and its essence both are reflected in a single logo. But if these effects are not done properly then the complete logo can be ruined.

6.Use of templates in making a logo – We can use a template in designing a logo if it has to be designed quickly. There is a tool for generating a logo which contains templates’ library. You can take the help of this tool in designing the logo with so much ease and in a very short time.

7.Custom fonts can be used – If a wordmark has to be created by the designers then they can take the help of a scratch or for doing this a font can also be modified. However, if you want the image of your brand to go to a very high position then a custom font must be created by you. You can use a software for creating the things of our daily use like cars, headphones and tablets and that software is product design software.

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