Wardrobe Look Expensive

7 Ways to Make Your Wardrobe Looks Expensive

We all want to stack our wardrobes with stylish outfits and look chic always. The agenda is to stay on top of the trend game. We all try to get our hands on trendy pieces every season which puts a dent in our budget sometimes. Don’t let this discourage you from dressing up stylishly. With a few incredible hacks and tips, you can make your outfits looks expensive and alluring!

I’m a firm believer in working with the clothing pieces, which I already own. When it comes to investing in overhauling my closet, I go for quality and versatile basics. Here’s a pro tip for you, you don’t have to overspend to looks expensive. It’s all about great styling and creativity. While browsing through Khadi clothes for ladies, I found some highly affordable yet stylish pieces. And no one could tell how inexpensive they were!

Check out some easy-breezy tips to make your wardrobe look high-end and lavish without spending tons of money!

Experiment with Tailoring

A few quick stitches can completely transform an outfit. A skirt worth $10 can end up looking like a $400 skirt straight outta a designer shop!

If those inexpensive outfits don’t fit right off the rack, get a tailor to turn them into one-of-a-kind, exquisite pieces! And trust us, they will be worth every penny. And you will stand out from the crowd because no one else is wearing the same thing. While shopping, remember that simple garments are easier to tailor.

Keep it Simple

First things first. Don’t invest in pleated tops, jeweled embellishments, whiskered and distressed denim, and so on. Details like these will stretch your budget and you don’t want to do that. Buy simpler stuff and don’t spend lavishly. To streamline your look, don’t throw on a few cheap bracelets in a desperate attempt to make an impact. Stick to a sleeker look by accessorizing moderately.

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Invest in a Steamer

Do you know what can make an outfit look cheap? Even when it looks expensive. Wrinkles! If you find ironing a hassle, invest in a steamer. You also need one because many synthetics cannot be ironed. A quality steamer hardly takes a couple of minutes to blast out any wrinkles. Steam your clothes and hang them in an open room to neutralize lingering odors.

If you hand your clothes in the washroom while you take a long shower, then know that this ambient steam is not enough to get rid of the wrinkles. So, don’t waste water!

Change the Buttons

Investing in good-quality buttons is not burdening. Ditch the plastic buttons on your coats, shirts, blazers, and other items. Go for rich-looking and neat material for buttons such as mother of pearl, metal, bone, and so on. You can easily shop them on sites like eBay. You can even harvest them from your favorite old clothes which you are about to dump.

Dry cleaners charge only a few bucks to switch those buttons.

Invest in Trendy Items & Statement Pieces

We all know that high-low is a rage these days. But most people do it wrong! Save on the basics and spend on versatile and timeless classics. You don’t need to spend $400 on a pair of sneakers if you can get them for $50. Especially when it’s hard to tell the difference between the expensive and the cheap ones!

Save money for the trend items and attention-grabbing pieces, which can become the focus of your outfits. It’s okay to spend a little more on trendy pieces once in a while.

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Wear Blazers to Look Stylish 

Invest in blazers with different colors, textures, and cuts. When you are clueless about what to wear, pull on a blazer with a simple tee and jeans. You will look effortlessly chic and stylish. Blazers can add class to simple attires. And they perfectly suit occasions like formal meetings, a get together with friends or a luncheon.

For a boho-chic vibe, go for an oversized blazer or a bright-hued one to bring extra zing to your outfit.

Neck Scarves

Looks like donning neck scarves are the new obsession of many fashionistas. You can take advantage of tons of video tutorials on knotting them in various catchy ways. Without having to spend much, you can add a sophisticated touch to your look. Whether you want to slay one of your semi-formal dresses, a casual T-shirt, coat, or pants, a nicely knotted scarf can make you look sleeker. Invest in a few solids as well as patterns.

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