8 Interesting Facts That People With Siblings Would Definitely Relate To

Siblings are blessing in disguise. When I say that, I mean that they will annoy you till the last drop of blood in your veins gets burnt, but at the same time, you would never trade your sibling for anything in this world. So, they are the most annoying blessing that has been showered upon you by your parents. Have you ever wondered why is that so? Despite wanting to kill them in their sleep, you still would not let even the slightest danger come near them. Well, it is because of the fact, they unconditionally and unintentionally add so much to our lives.

The hate-love relationship shared between every sibling is the best type of relationship we have and this is an indisputable statement that we all agree to. Since, India’s one of the most awaited festivals, Raksha Bandhan (sheerly because of the gifts we get) is approaching, so the internet is flooded with everything about and around siblings. People have been hunting for gifts for rakhi for their siblings.

1- Turning Your Sibling Into Human Canvas:

Ever turned your sibling into a human canvas? I personally find it to be fascinating to draw on my brother’s rather than on a canvas. Especially the kind of satisfaction I used to get when I drew on him while he was asleep, cannot be expressed. Mark my word, only a true artist will choose a human canvas. So, be an artist today and get those chubby cheeks of your siblings on your radar.                 

2- Matching Clothes? 

Well, it was no fun at all, right? Whereas, our mothers thought it to be adorable and cute. If you have siblings of the same gender, then, you must have been forced upon to wear matching clothes by your mother. However, the younger sibling finds it very cool, and the older one is obviously embarrassed of it. So, all the older siblings, can you relate already?

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3- Fighting Over Everything! Literally:

We have been taught by our parents right from our birth to share your stuff with everyone, right? However, there is this one person we never want to share anything with is our sibling. Yes, we would rather share our stuff with a stranger, but our sibling stands no chance here. This reason is accountable for half of the fights among siblings. It is not like we do not want to share our stuff, but it is our consciousness that does not allow us to share it with our siblings, right? Here is a list of a few things that have led to some great battles with your siblings. Chocolates, stationery, clothes, toys, hair clips etc. Yes, these are the deadliest things that could lead to a battle. 

4- Secret Codes:

Have you or your sibling ever abused each other in front of your parents in secret code? If yes, then, you too are categorized in the cool siblings’ category. Then there are secret codes for inside jokes, strategy while playing games with your neighbours and whatnot. Communicating in secret codes with my siblings was the best memory of my childhood. 

5- Dilemma of Middle Kid:

It is the middle child who has to face the tough spot. Leverages like more affection, being stubborn or being the favorite of your parents either goes to the older one or, the younger one or sometimes both. How unfair it is that the middle child never gets to be a baby. 

6- Delineating The Bed Boundaries:

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“Ye Meri Side Hai, Tu Apni Side Mai Reh” – Said every sibling. However, if you and your sibling never fought over making boundaries in bed, then, are you even siblings? 

7- Putting Blames On Each Other For Every Mess:

Broken a glass pot or made drawings on walls, you always got one person in your house to put all the allegations on. So, the blame game is the most common game played by the siblings.

8- Bribing Younger Sibling? 

We all have bribed our younger siblings after getting them injured while playing not to cry or tell parents about it. From requesting to begging, we would do anything to get that little creature not to cry. 
So, if you could relate to these facts, then trust me, you have had an amazing childhood. However, if you miss your sibling and are not able to meet him or her on Raksha Bandhan, then send rakhi gifts for brother to them and strengthen the bond of love once again.