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8 Things in Your Apartment That Harm Your Health and the Environment

Even if you spend most of the day in your own apartment, this does not mean that you avoid dangerous contacts with harmful chemicals. Even the most innocent furnishings can worsen your health, so be careful about every detail you purchase. We have collected several things you need to immediately get rid of for your safety in the house.

1. Air Fresheners

If you regularly use air fresheners indoors without ventilation, you are creating a toxic atmosphere in your own home. The two main ingredients of air fresheners are ethylene glycol ethers and terpenes. Both of them are considered toxic poisons, especially in reaction to the ozone which is present in the air.

2. Incense

The whole world uses incense sticks to make the house smell good. In Asian countries, they are also used to conduct religious rituals. During combustion, they emit smoke which can cause asthma, lung disease and even cancer. It is more useful to use natural oils as incense. They are environmentally friendly and have different properties, from neck spasms treatment to weight loss. 

3. Expanded Polystyrene

Expanded polystyrene is a substance from which most heaters and disposable tableware are made with and it contains a toxic chemical called styrene. It can cause cancer, impaired memory, concentration, and loss of vision. Whenever you eat something hot from a plate that is made of such material, styrene mixes with your food and enters the body which can cause fatal consequences.

4. Anti Mosquitoes Spirals

Such spirals are poisonous not only for mosquitoes but also for people. According to researchers from Sydney University, one mosquito coil produces an amount of smoke that can be equated to 75-137 cigarettes. This amount is quite enough for anyone to experience breathing problems.

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5. Sachet for Clothes

Aromatic sachets often lie in closets with clothes to scare away moths and cockroaches. Although they save you from harmful insects, they also damage your health as often they contain naphthalene, which affects red blood cells making them unable to carry oxygen. Inhaling the scent of these beads or wearing clothes from these closets means exacerbating your health problems.

6. Phthalate Cosmetics

Considering how much makeup cosmetics cost, it seems that for such price they can bring no harm. However, some creams or nail polishes contain harmful chemicals such as phthalates or plasticizers. They negatively affect the reproductive system, so you should make a habit of carefully examining the composition of the purchased cosmetics.

7. Pressed Wood Furniture

Cabinets made of pressed sawdust can ideally suit your interior, but at the same time do a lot of harm to your health. These boards are made using resin, which contains the harmful substance formaldehyde. The hotter your room becomes, the more of this substance is released into the air. Formaldehyde also causes many diseases from breathing problems to an increased risk of cancer.

8. Antibacterial Rinse Aids

If you use special antibacterial agents such as soap, foot lotions or mouthwash then make sure they do not contain the chemical triclosan. The FDA has banned its use, but some unscrupulous manufacturers still use it in a variety of cosmetics and pharmacy products.

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